Tour de Canada


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Well I went from this.....

To This......

and now the truck looks like this....

So I hope you dont want me to barbeque a plastic duck!:Wow1:


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Did I tell you guys that we had a couple of beers:beer: on the trip?

Yes I like the big bottles of beer.....:)

I think Steinez likes them too!:Wow1:


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Somehow i missed the pics of the camper interior with the detailed descriptions...


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Sorry TLow, but the interior of the camper is pretty bare bones. The best pic of what we did to the interior is this shelving system...

There is also a pic posted page 1 of the bed system I made so Steinez could have his own bunk to sleep in.:)


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Great story! I love the bodywork being done on the fly as well as the attention to details, got to get a new rubber duck to go along with the fresh paint. I wish I would have been there as I like big bottles of beer too! Looks like it was a fun time.


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Thanks for the compliment Larry. I will be on the road again this summer so I can do it all over again. Unfortunately Steinez wont be able to make it this year.:(


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Nice! Just went through this thread for the first time. Looks like a great trip.

To adventure (and CattleBoyz, right?)