Tour de Canada


Chilliwak said:
Awoke at 6.00 am. I looked at my watch, and can see that it is the 22nd of July. Woo-Hoo, it`s my birthday! We have
to head into town to get supplies, so I showed Steinez how to pilot the old outboard and now he is sailing across the lake.
I met Steinez at the other side of the lake right next to the coffee shop, up the street from the boat landing. Who knows, maybe
they have some good donuts up there.
All was timed right so we enjoyed (NOT) the worlds slowest internet connection in Nakusp, or anywhere else for that matter. You
people should be happy we could even upload some pics.
Later that evening we got home and had some real German beer. Wicked.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Sailed across the lake with a motorized boat the first time in my live, not a big deal. Of course it was raining. Had
to wait for Chilli for about 2 hours, so i walked a bit around and had breakfast at a nice coffe shop. Of course it stopped raining
the moment i went in...
Took me almost 2hours for the last update, the internet connection ist just incredible slow there. But i managed it and maybe
it`s faster next time. Also bought some German Weissbier in Nakusp. It`s not the best one from Germany, but a lot better than
everything around here...


Chilliwak said:
Started to hike big time with Steinez. 3 hours there and back. Wicked eagle pics. Nice dinner with more meat.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Walked a bit around today. We saw another really nice eagle, and i took a bunch of pictures. My new lens is
just paying for itself with every shot...
Oh, and we really had sunshine the whole day. Unbelievable...


Chilliwak said:
Steinez is a hardcore hiking trainer. 3 hours yesterday, 6 hours today. Man, that Steinez hardly breathes, as I
struggle up the inclines. Made it back for good eats with a smokie lunch and steak dinner. Perrrrfect.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Walked a bit more around today. As you can see i got myself a hiking stick. Not that I`d need it on those
logging roads, but i`m just used to it...
Went for a little boatcruise and a bit of fishing later...

Chilliwak said:
Time to replenish our depots of essential goods. We need food and ice, and other things. The day started fine with a
little overcast. A little journey accross the lake in calm conditions, and we were at the warf. We drove to town, bought
groceries and experienced the worlds slowest internet, as we did an update to the forum. On the way back, me and Steinez had a
roast chicken lunch, and then performed some repairs on the Chevy.
The boat trip back to camp was soon to be quite the adventure. A storm had quickly approached us, and we still needed to sail
back home. With the storm rapidly approaching we set sail accross the lake in high seas. The little 12foot boat was bobbing
around like a cork as we tried to cross the lake. We had to throttle down to avoid capsizing with the large waves that tried to
take control of the boat. But we eventually made it safely home to camp.
After all was said and done; I have only two words,
Steak Dinner!
Steinbruchsoldat said:
The day started nice and the way back ended up "a bit" rought. What a difference... According to my seat in front of
the boat i was wet to the bones when we arrived at camp. But no problem, got a lot of dry clothing there...

Chilliwak said:
Can you say "Rainstorm"? I mean i have never seen that much rain. I went down to camp from the cabin to find the
tarp system completely collapsed. There must have been 50 litres captured in the tarp. It took me forever to remove the excess
water. Steinez assisted me in a new set-up for the tarps. We placed some new poles and changed the main support rope. Soon
the camp was functional and better than before. Lunch, yes it was a tall order. Steinez ordered up a double cheeze burger combo
with CattleBoyz barbeque sauce. I had a single burger...
Later it was fishing and bondo. I can`t let Steinez talents go to waste, so we did some bodywork on the Chevy. And, we actually
caught a fish we could eat. But instead of fighting over a small trout, we decided to leave a sacrifice for the eagles.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Woke up a few times at night, and heared that crazy rainstorm. No wonder the tarp was completely collapsed. But it
should hold up better now. We finished the last spots of bodywork on the Chevy, and are ready to paint soon. Also had some luck
fishing this time...
I keep panning for gold in the little creek near the cabin. Maybe i`ll get some flakes sometimes...


Chilliwak said:
The weather today was completely unperdictable. Sun, cloud, rain, wind and calm, and everything inbetween. We had some
morning fishing with no luck. But then we at least had burgers for lunch. That was ok.
Later we sailed accross the lake to complete bondo repairs. Everything went well until we started to do our rattle can paint job.
I guess the weather gods were not on our site. At least we had a good Steak Dinner!
Evening fishing gave nothing, but thats the way it goes.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
We finally started painting the truck. Long way since we started the bodywork... First we sanded down the old paint,
then gave the whole truck a wash, masked it and finally started painting. And then the weather turned bad... We could see it
raining over at our camp when we were at the other side of the lake working on the Chevy.
We had no luck fishing today, maybe tomorrow...


Chilliwak said:
In town we tried to replenish our supplies. But some were temporarily unavailible. It seems nobody stocks rockerguard,
so it was ordered in for the next day. We got groceries and went home. Some hood paint and fishing later we returned to camp for
eats. And as usual, they were good eats.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Looks like they got their internet connection finished. Now it works at an ok speed, so it doesn`t take me forever to
update the forum. Went from one place to another, but we couldn`t get what we needed. But good for me, i could order some nice
Finally started painting the truck, it`s nice to see some progress...


Chilliwak said:
Rockerguard in hand we proceeded to paint her up. Wow, this new stuff is way better. Good texture and a huge can for
$9,95, that`s Rockin!
Spent the whole afternoon and evening transforming the old Chevy into "Der Nachtjäger". So awesome to see the transformation.
It`s now got "Urban Camo".
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Went into town again, i picked up a few goodies too. Got a Napa Bump Cap, awesome thing, wondering why we don`t have
caps like this in germany. Also got a nice deal on 6 pair of Mechanics gloves and a nice VisionX 10W LED light. Then it was
painting time. We spent the whole rest of the day painting the Chevy, just with a pause to sail accross the lake to get some
dinner. Got home then in the last minute before it got dark, not fun with all the debris out there...


Chilliwak said:
Took it nice and easy today. Peeled off the masking tape and applied some emblems and text to the truck. Things like
"35 PSI" and "official use only" were now spray-stenciled on the bodywork. A slightly unaligned lettering only adds to the
"urban camo". Me and Steinez took some hours to relax and fish on the lake. Steinez got some wicked shot`s of Burton valley and
surrounding peaks. Later that night after dinner we had a campfire lit close to shore. It was the "Valhalla" burning of some
old boots and rotting wood sculptures from around the camp. The fire and heat was so intense that it burnt wet rotten wood.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Had a nice relaxed day today. Fixed my hiking boots and gave them a new layer of leather coating. Feels good to have
the gear in good shape. Peeled the masking tape from the chevy and applied some lettering. After that we went for fishing, but
i mostly had my camera ready instead of a fishing rod...


Chilliwak said:
Woke up again to aother sunny day. The lake is filled with debri, as the stumps, whole trees and sometimes small islands
float past. Time to roll into town and get supplies. Always nice to check out the steak selection at the local grocery store,
and maybe it`s chicken for lunch again. Sounds good, with some "CattleBoyz" barbeque sauce on!
At the campsite we waited for the lake to become calmer. A heavy wind had once again made the water choppy. Something you don`t
want sailing a 12 footer. Made it home later when the water was more placid. Burger dinner, Nice!
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Not much to add, just a shopping and relaxation day...

Chilliwak said:
Me and Steinez were going to go hiking, but it`s too hot! Better to just hang around the lake, and use the cold water,
should it became neccessary. Time to change strategy. If it`s too hot in the sun; do something in the shade. Time for some
construction. We had been using a ladder to get up to the first level sleeping area, in the cabin. It was time to see how Steinez
was with wood. He seemed to be very excited about standing on the wood as I cut it with the handsaw. All 55kg was put to the test
as he victoriously held the lumber secure with all his weight. But could he use a hammer and a saw? That will have to be known at
a later date.
Our project was to construct a ladder like staircase out of 2x6 wood. We quickly determined our angles, and then cut and assembled
the pieces. Today we were able to build a small platform, a ladder/staircase, which could be finished the next day.
Later we had ... Steaks. Nice steaks, with of course "CattleBoyz" barbeque sauce.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Now the weather seems to be good. Almost to good, because it was just to hot for a hike. But we found another thing to
do, so no problem. Also read a few magazines, that i bought used at the campground.