Tour de Canada


Chilliwak said:
Pastrami on rye for breakfast, and me and Steinez are ready to ROCK! Some chores done and a quick upload to the
forum done, we decided to go bondo. And i mean bondo. I think Steinez has patented the 13 layer approach to autobody. Just
what the doctor ordered for the old Chevy. We tried to fit the rear swaybar and decided to apply some surgery...
Updates on swaybar tech to come at a later date.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Had some time at the library today and started looking for a (maybe) new vehicle. Maybe there will some crazy stuff
coming up soon...
Then i improved my bodywork skills by bondoing Chilli`s 'Chevy. I think it`s about 1/2" bondo at some places. Again, work was
done at the parking lot. People just walking by like it`s everyday stuff that you`re doing bodywork in the parking lot. Some
even stop and have a talk about trucks...
At the evening we put some serious steaks on the barbeque. Really liked them, looking forward to more...
No shipping updates on my order, looks like it`s in transportation from one depot to another for 5 days now. Don`t think it`ll
arrive in time, but then i`ll just skip it. Maybe this is how USPS works...



Expedition Leader
I feel like i'm missing something, did you two already know each other and how did you end up buying that truck?
Me and Steinez are internet buddies from this forum. Our mutual appreciation of Chevys got us planing this trip in the spring.:costumed-smiley-007 The truck we are driving is mine, and has been for years....:) Now the Chevy is ready to ROCK!:Wow1:

Chilliwak said:
Another day waiting. We could not proceed with bodywork, due to the fact that the Insurance Corporation of
British Columbia wanted to inspect and photograph the damage to the Chevy. After 4pm we were able to start work. Steinez
on bondo; me on filling the rust holes. We were also able to do some custom hightech suspension modifications. We heated
the brackets from the Helweg swaybar up with a cutting torch, and then bent them to the proper angle. The stock brackets
were aprx. 45° pointed the wrong way. Nothing like some ghetto manufacturing to get things rolling.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Another hours at the library, getting some more ideas about my (maybe) next car. Had lunch at the Tomahawk restaurant,
they make some serious burgers. After the appointment with ICBC we continued working at the parking lot. No updates on my
package yet, looks like USPS screwed it completely up. Murphys law at it`s best...


Chilliwak said:
Started the day by switching over to our new ride, a Suzuki SX4. It was raining outside as we proceeded to the USA to
get the shocks needed for the Chevy. Driving the Suzuki was a weird experience. If you just touched the gas, the front wheels
would start to spin. This beeing the case due to bad tires and not large horsepower. A 2h wait, and we are through the
Canada/US border. We picked up our gear and did a little sight-seeing in Blaine. Returned home later after some Burger King
Wasn`t a big problem to get over the border, just took us a few a few hours. But at least now i know that i`m not a
terrorist, and for only 6$ i got my 3 months visa for the US. Don`t have any use for it, but who cares. Lot`s of things just to
get some parts 10mins from the border...
Unfortunately the last of my packages didn`t arrive in time, so i don`t have any chance to pick it up. Tracking shows that the
package is stuck somewhere in North Carolina. I don`t believe this is the right way to ship something from California to
Washington. But it`s to late now, no chance for me to get it anymore. Maybe someone near Blaine/WA reads this and can help me...


Chilliwak said:
Right then, time to make everything right, right? In retrospec, you have to remember that you are dealing with 70`s
technology. This taken into consideration, the old truck benefited from surgery. Bent my Hellwig brackets with some heat, and
a 5150 install, and me and Steinez are ready to ROCK! Good to see something going right, right? Steinez could single handed
(don`t ask me how) install the 5150`s. The downward force of these shocks is radical! Custom made drag links do the job like
they should. Great to have the swaybar finally attached.
After all is said and done, all i can think about is a barbeque-ya.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Installed the shocks and swaybar today. Finally got those things in, and i can tell you, those shocks have some serious
downpressure. Got some things from the hobby shop that i ordered. At least something arrives in time...
Had a great barbeque this evening...

Chilliwak said:
Saturday morning and a quick update to the forum later, we are almost ready to leave Vancouver. After the grocery
shopping is finished we will be ready to roll. We drove to Britannia Beach, the first stop on our trip. We found a place to
park at the upper part of town, as high up as we could go. We quickly broke out the barbeque, and had some smokie hot-dogs.
Afterwards we went on a little hike of appx. 5km on some "no trespassing" roads. It had a steep incline so it was a good
Steinbruchsoldat said:
I almost can`t believe it. We finally left Vancouver...
It`s a good feeling to leave the city and get out. A short drive to Britannia Beach and we reached our destination for the
day. The mining museum looks pretty cool, can`t wait to check it out...


Chilliwak said:
We started the day with a drivers side front fender repair. The fender is still coming in contact with the front door
because of poor alignment. I did not wan`t to destroy Steinez custom 13 layer bondo job, thereby the importance of the
adjustment. Later we visited the Britannia Mining Museum. This is one of Steinez interests, so he was like a child in a candy
store. We were both interested in the unique old mining machinery and gear. Obviously the people working here had a tough life.
Afterwards it was mega steak lunch. We cruised by Whistler and stopped there because we heard Redthies might have some beer. But
i guess our luck had run out. When we called him he said he was having guests over for dinner and all the beer was gone. Oh well,
you can`t win them all. On the road again in the direction of Pemberton we drove throught winding roads and wet weather. We
finally stopped at Joffrey Lake and had a smokie dinner. The lake looked almost as good as our smokies...
Steinbruchsoldat said:
After breakfast and a small repair we went to the Britannia Mining Museum. I really, really liked it, they have some
serious stuff to check out. If you have a chance to visit it, go for it. After lunch near the mine we (Chilli) continued driving
to our next stop, Whistler. Looks like a really nice town with a lot of activity going on. There were guys with skies, snowboards,
skateboards, and a lot of downhill biker. We also saw a Jeep driving course, looked like they promoted their stuff there. We
looked for an internet cafe to see if redthies sent us a phone number and called him. Unfortunately he was busy, but he seemed
like a nice guy. Was nice talking to you, redthis...
then we continued driving and found a nice place to sleep at the Joffrey Lakes Park. Of course it rained all day long...
Btw., i got an email that says my package was delivered to Blaine/WA. Helps me really a lot now...


Chilliwak said:
Me and Steinez had a quick breakfast at Jeffrey Lake Provincial Park, just outside of Pemberton on highway 99. We hit the
road on the direction of Lilloet. Then we drove towards Cache Creek. Just before town we found a scenic area right next to a creek.
Then it was time for stel lunch. The weather turned bad so we decided to keep driving. We drove to Kamloops, and then to Vernon.
In Vernon we bought some groceries and then camped out close to the local car parts store. Nothing like cooking hamburgers for
dinner in the rain. Fortunately there is a dry spot behind the camper due to the overhang of the roof.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
While driving towards Vernon the first thing i noticed was how the landscape was changing. First the mountains with
all the trees and lakes, then it started to getting drier. No more trees, just like a desert (not really, but you get the idea).
We had a rest at lunch and while we were napping the weather turned into really hot sunshine. Perfect for a bit relaxation...
While we continued driving the weather turned into rain again. We had another dinner in the rain...


Chilliwak said:
We had a few quick repairs to do on the Chevy. The front fender kept coming out of alignment, so i screwed it on with
some self tapping screws. It looks solid now. We drove towards our destination in pouring rain. We made the turn-off onto the
logging road and stopped to lock the front hubs. With all the rain the road was a little slick and slippery. 37km of logging
road later we arrived at our destination. We quickly set up camp so that we were protected from the rain. We have an area
right beside the lake for cooking, eating, and relaxation. 50feet away we have a small 8foot by 16 foot cabin.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
The day started with another fender repair. The third to be exact. The small self tapping screws broke, so Chilli put
in some bigger ones. Seems to be solid now. Then we finally reached our destination, of course in pouring rain. Nice property,
directly at the lake with a small cabin. After we set up the tarp over the cooking area we had dinner. Of course steak...


Chilliwak said:
With the camp set-up done we decided to put the boat in the water. We draged the 12foot aluminium boat into the water
and installed the 10hp motor. At first i could not get the motor started. I found out that it helps to install the fuel line
correctly. Afterwards the little outboard fired right up. Later that evening I thought it would be good to show Steinez how
to fish. He caught the first fish that we had to throw back because it was too small. The one fish we did catch that was large
enough was left for the eagles.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
First day at our "new home". The weather cleared up and we had some sunshine. At the boat test drive the lake turned
really rough, so we both got wet. But then we had sunshine again and we dried up really quick. Saw an eagle flying over us. Had some hamburgers for dinner and
went for a little fishing. Seems to be fun...


Chilliwak said:
Awoke at 5.00am to the sound of a huge moose going for a swim. I had to wake Steinez so that he could see it.
It is raining all morning so there is not much to do except count the raindrops. At about 11.00am I came up with the idea to
teach Steinez how to play Backgammon. He won the first game. Also, the rain seemed to have stopped. So now it is time for a
walk after lunch. After a lunch of smokies with melted cheese me and Steinez took a hike further up the logging road. It
seems a developer is selling tiny parcels of land for $88.000. No wander they call it "Fortunes landing". The guy will make a
fortune selling all those tiny lots. Once again the weather has turned to rain. We made it back just before it started to pour.
I challenged Steinez to another game of Backgammon. It seems like he is starting to learn the game...
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Incredible weather! It changes from sunshine to rain to thunder every 30mins. Sometimes we had all together at one time. Never seen something like that...



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Looks like fun!

You guys are living it up! I'm traveling to BC in August, and I hadn't started to really get excited until now. Great pics, great camper, great scenery!