Tour de Canada

Hi guys,
sitting in the Vancouver library and starting to post our trip report. We`re going to be in Vancouver the next days, then we are heading north to the Arrow Lake. We have about 5 weeks left...
Getting north

Steinbruchsoldat; said:
Took the train at 1130am at my place in germany, took me about 12h to get to Copenhagen. Had to go on a ferry between Germany and Denmark. Met
chilliwak at 1213am, he picked me up at copenhagen train station.


Chilliwak; said:
Met this dude called Steinez at 12.13am at Copenhagen railway station. He looks like a cool guy, just a little skinny.
It looks like he could use some barbequed steak to get him into shape. We had a couple of chores to do before leaving.
So we put my rowboat under a tarp and tried to get my rear tire replaced on the old VW golf. Waited for hours at the car
shop to get the tire replaced but with no luck. Can you find a decent mechanic in Denmark? I think not. I showed Steinez
the lakes in central Copenhagen and he thought it looked nice. Later we had dinner at a Indian restaurant. Spicy food went
down good.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Met this dude called Chilliwak at 12.13am at Copenhagen railway station. He looks like a cool guy, just a little Buddha stomach...
He drives an old "Ubergolf", would`ve gone to the scrapyard a few years ago in Germany. Not much more to add...
Btw., Denmark doesn`t have good car mechanics from what i`ve seen...

On the plane/ 06.07.2011

Chilliwak said:
We woke up early at 4.15 am. We left the apartment quickly to make our flight. We took the train and underground
to Copenhagen airport with the usual delays in the transit system. At the airport we had to get assistance to make the computer
check-in system work. We flew from Copenhagen to London, and then to Vancouver Canada. Air Canada is ok, lots of free booze.
After we landed we slept for almost a whole day.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Was a long flight, had lots of time to think about the center mounted winch. Maybe i got the idea, but i`ll
have to get a closer look at my truck when we`re back...
Chilliwak said:
Woke up at 4.00 am and had a chicken breakfast. I slept on the couch, Steinez on the floor.
Man that guy is tough as nails. Went out to pick up the truck. Topped up the fluids and the old
Chevy is ready to ROCK!
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Chicken breakfast at 0400am is what you need after a long flight and sleeping for a whole day.
This TAD Gear stuff (clothing) is so good, you can even build a matress to sleep on. Lots of new things
here, really like what`s out on the streets. It`s hard to even see a lifted truck in germany...
Picked up that old Chevy, that`s a freaking huge truck with a even bigger canopy on it. Love that V8 rumble... :victory:


Chilliwak said:
8.00 am chicken breakfast. Time to start cleaning our cooking gear and getting ready. Driving to Vancouver
from North Vancouver we had an accident on the Lions Gate Bridge. It seems the driver of the silver Accura has not
learned how to merge. Damage to my Chevy, minimal, scratches on bumper and front fender. Damage to Accura, extensive,
dented door and rear fender, mangled bodywork, aprx. $10.000 to repair. Moral of the story, learn to drive and don`t
pick fights with my Chevy if you are driving an Accura.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
We`re still waiting for Chilli`s shocks to show up. He gave the shop a call and found out that they totally
screwed up his order. They say the shocks will show up Tuesday or Wednesday. It sucks that we have to wait until they show
up, the accident didn`t help either...
But Vancouver is a nice town too, so it isn`t that bad to stay here...
Went to Stanley Park this evening...


Chilliwak said:
Today was the day to get the canopy organized. Previously everything was on the floor after a little offroad activity.
Me and Steinez developed a system of removeable shelvings that allowed for storage in 3 levels. What can i say, Steinez is a
genious. We built everything in the parking lot of the local building center. It works great.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Did all this work in the parking lot, wouldn`t never have thought about working in a parking lot on my truck. Lend Chilli
a hand doing all that stuff, so we got a lot done. My bed turned out great, so i have a nice place to sleep now. We slept in the
truck that night, was fine...

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Chilliwak said:
In the morning we found a construction site with some soft sand. We decided to test the truck on the terrain the
site offered. After initialy getting stuck because I approached the sand to slowly, I decided to give the truck a little
extra pedal. It seems the truck performed great as long as I used the V8 as it should; pedal down.
Later we went for a hike in Golden Ears Park were we saw some beautiful scenery and a nice waterfall.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Chilli did some flex testing today. That old Chevy got some serious frame flex, even the camper banged to the cab
a few times. It looked like the camper would tear the frame apart, but nothing broke, so i think it works...
Went for a small hike this afternoon, some nice scenery there...
Btw., i just found out that i really like Taco Time...

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Chilliwak said:
It was time to get the bodywork fixed on the old Chevy. The drivers front fender was poorly adjusted and had come
in contact with the front edge of the door. We loosend the front fender and then placed a stack of newspapers in the gap between
the fender and the door. We then closed the door, there by pushing the front fender forward. The fender also needed to be
adjusted in height. We accomplished this by placing some washers under the fender to increase the height. Later we grinded
down the rust and applied some bondo to the dents.
Steinbruchsoldat said:
Another day of work in the parking lot. Seems like this is kind of normal here, by the amount of people stopping by
and talk to us about trucks and stuff.
Found out that there`s also a package missing that i ordered. They said shipping will take 3-4 days, now it`s over 8 days. Maybe
this is how the american post works. But i got a tracking number, accounting to that it should be delivered tomorrow or wednesday...

Btw., as i`m sitting here on the 12. i already know the packages didn`t arrive yesterday... :mad:


Expedition Leader
Sounds like a plan Redthies. Just pm me and Steinez your telephone number and we will call you when we roll through Whistler...:)