Touchscreen Tablet + mount, keyboard, power cords, Overland Navigator 2.0, etc


Building a new truck with different purpose in mind than my old and finally decided to go in a simpler direction given the intended purpose thus I'm putting this setup out for sale:

EO Tuftab V7112XT touchscreen tablet PC with docking cradle, RAM mount attached (to the station), AC & DC cords, and a compact keyboard with touchpad.

Basic specs for computer 1.2GHz processing speed, 960mb RAM, 40GB HD (16.3GB free in current setup) running Windows XP tablet edition (2005). Has Overland Navigator 2.0, Google Earth, an old edition of MS Streets and Trips, etc installed on it. Screen's in good shape, touchscreen works well, etc. Has SD and PCMCIA slot as well as USB; the docking station is better in terms of that functionality as you'll see in the pictures. Computer has 802.11 internal modem (aka wireless). I used a USB interfaced GPS mounted on the snorkel. Full specs on computer available here:
The setup is very similiar to one described by Craig as it relates to touchscreen navigation and Overland Navigator in this thread:
as well as on this board.
Pics of it in action:

What you get (Malbec and Crock pot cooking pulled pork not included)

Close ups of screen, back of cradle/RAM mount, etc:

Computer was used extensively as we built/mapped the trails for ROAV's Mid Atlantic Rally in 2009, then I went back to the fleet and deployed-upon return I've got a new to me Disco and am keeping it a bit milder. This is a great setup for using mapping software offroad (I did use a piece of elastic around the cradle to keep it in place, and routed a USB hub into the console of the truck for using the keyboard). The tablet is tough, reliable but in fairness you're not going to be playing streaming World of Warcraft on it. Fits nicely in a niche where you want to have PC functionality with a primary focus on topo/navigation, but would be good for HAM related functions, as well as give you a keyboard and such if you wanted to do limited email and other functionality while traveling.

Finding one of these is tough, plus the docking station, power cords, etc-I'm looking for $450 shipped, paypal is preferred at my email (
Thanks for looking!