Total pop-up replacement - 3 videos - step by step

Hi All.

I wanted to share a few videos with you all that follow my progress replacing the canvas material on my 84 four wheel camper fleet. This was a major project for me and I wanted to make these video to try to help the next person come along and figure things out a little quicker than it took me. Through reading countless post on this site and others I slowly planned and purchased all the different materials I needed. Total cost of materials was only $280 so I am pretty happy with that. The first video covers the different materials and planning stages of the project.

Then the next video is the real meat of the project. All the sewing and assembly is shown in detail. I tried hard to get ever seam included so the next person could follow along. I am sure I did not do everything 100% perfect but it seems to be working so far! The windows were definitely the most complicated part. If you wanted to really speed up this project, a canvas without windows would do that.

And finally, I show the install of the canvas. Again I tried to cover as many details as I felt where relevant. The install was actually not too difficult considering what a big deal I made out of everything. You will definitely need some extra hands to get it all together. One point I did forget to mention was that having the canvas off the roof means the roof can float all over the place. You need to figure out a way to rig up the roof to remain in place while you center everything on the camper and install the canvas.

Hope you enjoy the videos and find them helpful. Please let me know if you have any questoins about all of this. Good luck with your project and thanks for following along.
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Saw this on WTW...AWESOME work...thanks for sharing, I'm sure it will come in handy for others contemplating doing the same thing. I commend you for your perseverance.

Rico V

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Wow, what a fine job of documenting your project. I'm very impressed with the handiwork that went into this, and the help from your assistants. I hope you have some great times ahead camping with your reconditioned FWC!

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