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Can you give any info on the travel trailers your website says are coming soon? I'd love a more DIY, customizable, rugged camper trailer.
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Finally! The full specs and pricing for our newest creation: the true 4 season capable travel trailer shell with FULL standing height. The coolest feature is certainly the panorama hatch. Imagine how easy it will be load your sports gear while at the same time enjoying your morning coffee through that huge opening.
btw, yes this one is for sale. We have a couple more things left to do on it, but should be available in about two weeks.

Trailer specs


True 4 season capabilities
Rugged constructions for off the road adventures
Sold as empty shell, mounted on flatbed trailer
Customers can outfit to their liking, taste and budget.
Easy demountable if needed
1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship


Overall length 197” / 5000mm

Overall width 82.5” / 2100mm

Overall height 106” / 2700mm

Interior length 135” / 3430mm

Interior width 78” / 1980mm

Interior height 78” / 1980mm

Weight (empty shell including chassis, doors and windows) 1260lb / 580kg

Trailer chassis features:

GVRW 3500lb
All aluminum construction (made in Canada)
LED lighting all around
Solid axle with leaf springs
Tires Sumitomo Encounter AT 31” X 10.5R 15LT 109R
Stabilizer jacks all around
Aluminum wheel wells (insulated)

Camper body:

Total Composites foam core panels and extrusions
Thermal transfer free
R 12 insulated
2” / 50mm foam core panels all around
Outside FRP skin is extremely impact resistant, woven structure gloss white
Inside FRP skin is smooth gloss white
All corners are stainless steel for added protection

Skylight 500mmX500mm with integrated LED lights, bug screen and sunshade
Two exterior windows 450mmX1100mm by Arctic Tern
Entry door 22”/600mm wide X 63” / 1600mm tall Thermal transfer free, insulated
Panorama hatch 58”/1470mm wide X 42”/1060mm tall Thermal transfer free, insulated


FOB Victoria BC Canada
US$ 24,277.00
CAD$ 29,990.00


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