Topper EZ lift thoughts?


My only concern would be, that the canvas tucks on the inside of the bedside. Would water come in when it is raining?

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I have the full camper package set up, it's cool but has problems. the actuators don't lift at the same speed, so I I have to disconnect them one by one to get it up and level. Forget about ordering spare parts or tech support. Also the rear tent portion is a hassle to set up.
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Hmmm. I don't know. That seems like it would be a big design error if so.
There was a guy on TW who built his own, made the canvas hang over the besides.

Even though they show guys loading ATV's, it is my understanding that you can't drive with it in the up position. Which I could see why, it would wreck the actuators.

I looked into them before, before a found another Wildernest, those two things kept me from buying the kit.


It absolutely would/will.

The sides of the canvas are attached to the sides of the truck by velcro (IIRC). When I researched this product, their videos made it abundantly clear that the fabric/connection was "water resistant" and not "water proof." That was a complete deal breaker for me.

It's good idea, but poor execution IMO.
Yeah, not executed very well. Plus the parts are available elsewhere, better off building your own. I need to be able to stand up inside it if I was going through the effort as I want to be able to change in and out of clothes/gear, even with a high-rise topper, couldn't quite get the height I need...and I am short! :D

I looked at wheelchair topper lifts too, and rig up some type of waterproof tarp of sorts, or maybe even a hard side Quickup style camper

But now with all the wedge style and the OVRLND camper that came on the market recently, better off just getting one of those.
Have you checked your voltage at the actuator?
I haven't checked the voltage at the regulator, but I do believe it is a voltage drop from the wire harness, 2 actuators get their own wire from the switch and the other two essentially share a wire. It's an obvious design flaw, eventually when I get around to it I'll replace the entire harness and switch.


To Odonekanobe, I have badly wanted to do this since long before that particular system or any others. Still looking for a shell that I like mostly in the price range that I want. Simple electrical distribution system and angle iron fabrication you can make the lift with basic sewing like the black canvas on the post by clutch, all for a fraction of the price. Just make sure to buy the linear actuators at the same time. I am badly missing a shell now that my son is a bit older.


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Got my topper lift in. Controller box was defective so they are sending me a new one.
Around $500 invested (so far) little pieces add up! Going to cut up a tent we have and use that for the sides. Have used our platform bed quite a few times now and it works great. Only downside is the lack of headroom so this takes care of that issue.