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Several months ago, I began a search for a quality pair of made in the US (or another first world nation) hiking boots. I don't have to tell you that the list was short. MANY products that we are all familiar with, big names like Merrell, Columbia, Timberland as well as some of the smaller manufacturers such as Vasque, Keen, etc., make their products in China. Not a huge surprise but disappointing nonetheless.

Soon, I expanded my search to basic clothing items such as wicking shirts, lightweight rain jackets, hiking pants, etc., and found pretty much the same results. While I do not aim to create a political discussion here, I have no desire to pay $350 for a jacket made in China anymore than I have a desire to pay $30 for a single pair of underwear made in China (or India, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc). I don't believe that I am receiving a top quality product or good value for my money and I try my damndest to avoid it as much as possible. Additionally, supporting retailers and companies who actually give a damn about what they are doing versus hiring illegal immigrants or minimum wage labour to sew or stick a "made in the USA" label on whatever crap they happen to be hawking, should be the focus.

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Let me know if you are still looking for something manufactured stateside. It is a hobby of mine. I should be able to find just about anything but a car made here.