Top 5 favourite mods to my Jeep I drove around Africa

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Hi All,

In my latest video I run through the top five "best" or "favourite" modifications that I made to the jeep I drove right around Africa.

There's no doubt the setup has been battle proven, and I hope you can learn from what worked well for me.

In the video I don't only talk about "what", I explain the "why" of the mod and how it enabled the expedition.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Another very informative video Dan - well done. How would you have outfitted and arranged the interior of your vehicle if you had selected an unmodified Ursa Minor tent?

I am asking this because although the modifications to the Ursa Minor are very interesting I somewhat recall you mentioning that they were not interested in performing similar modifications ever again. Plus, you were also required to alter the rear of the roll bar and I am simply not interested in any modifications such as the two aforementioned. So I am curious, stock Jeep with stock Ursa Minor...what would yours look like?
That's a really tough question, because I've never spent any time with a "stock" J30, and to be honest I've never spent even 10 seconds thinking about how I would build the interior if I had one.
Like I've said time and time again, it depends entirely on how many people are going, for how long, how remote, through which countries.
THOSE are the questions that determine vehicle choice and build. Not the badge on the front.


Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Hey Dan, miss you buddy! Let me know next time you're in Prescott, we'll grab lunch or dinner!
You too man! I'd love to get down that way, but the US/Canada border has been closed since March, and isn't going to open anytime soon.
So no Prescott for me!

I'll catch you at some point!