Took my drone off roading in my new JKUR


sup guys.. i just picked up a new rubicon unlimited the other day and thought i'd break her in by getting her all muddy with a couple hundred miles on the clock.. took the drone along for the ride. i had a 2011 2 door rubicon and a few 4runners since.. good to be back in a jeep.

also.. it's got a teraflex tire carrier on it, but for some reason even in light off-roading it sounds like the tailgate is going to fall off.. i've checked everything i can think of to try and see if something is loose but nothing seems to be, but the rattles coming from the rear end of this thing are driving me crazy.. 200 miles on her. love it besides that, anyone have any ideas? thanks

and obligatory picture



Welcome back to Jeep. Sounds like you need to snug that spare up even more

yeah? i mean, i've tried shaking the thing and it doesn't seem to move. someone suggested stuffing a rag in the door striker area to see if the door is out of alignment from the teraflex hinge install so i may try that.

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Not bolt the spare tighter but adjust the tire to ride close to the glass. Also go through and tighten all of the bolts to the hinge to spec again



Check the spot welds on the tailgate. I bet they broke loose before the new tire carrier was installed.


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Great Looking Jeep, I hope you figure out your tail gate rattle. What size tire are you running?

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Bracket adjustment

Welcome back. :beer:
Might check your striker bracket adjustment.
I found that if I could push in on the tailgate beyond flush, it would rattle.
Adjusted the striker plate so that when the door latched, it didn't move in or out. That stopped the rattle for me.
If you look carefully in the picture, you'll see a pencil line behind the bracket. This is how far I had to move mine to get the door to be flush when closed, and not move.
Hope this helps,



What drone? and settings? Color looks great on the video...

And Edit:: saw it was the Mavic Pro... Nice shots. Any particular tweaks on the video.. I have the same drone and have been playing around with it.
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No video tweaks. I'm not a video person at all, too time intensive, I just cut the different clips and added them back together then used youtubes free music