Tongue Box Ideas for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers


I’m looking for ideas and pics of commercially available or home-brew tongue boxes for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers.

The two Harbor Freight boxes look like good options at a great price. Lots of pics of those. Any others? Any cool boxes repurposed and mounted on the tongue of these trailers? Has anyone built their own box?

Other than relocating the parking brake, are there any challenges that arise when adding a tongue box?

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this thread.


Ive got the larger hf box on my m101a2. Nice box but need to seal up the lower corners. don't have the parking brake issue on mine. Just make sure you lengthen the tongue enough to be able to do what you need with the tow vehicle. Mine is long enough to swing the gate with no issues.

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I put a Harbor Freight on mine . Seal up the corners. No issues with 20 years of use.


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An advantage of the poly boxes like the one above is that they don't get chipped up. I've got plans for the propane bottle.



With a M416 trailer, I was considered mounting a have a harbor freight tongue box with a 1-1/2" sub frame raising the box clearing the pintle mount.

Currently I have an old ammo box mounted and converted to a tongue box. I really like how the converted ammo box matches the trailer. With the battery placed in the ammo box it takes up 80% of the volume, so it might become a dedicated power box.

(Please ignore the mess, I'm working on a few projects including fixing the wiring)



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I used the H.F. one and rolled on some cheap bedliner from the autoparts store.
It holds all my electrical stuff and I put an outlet on the outside so the box can remain locked.
I might end up making one so it fits all my needs, pondering that idea.



I like the poly boxes. Here in New England, with all the salt and other crap that they use in winter, the cheap steel boxes would be swiss cheese in just a couple of years.
I have a Dee Zee poly box from Tractor Supply on my trailer.



I secured a 2 inch 3/16 thick angle iron frame and dropped in aluminum tool chest. This box houses one Yellow Top, solar controller, NOCO Charger and stuff.

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