Toilet Paper transportation and dispensing


I'm looking for a solution to dispense and transport toilet paper while wild camping. Does anyone have a suggested practice or product to keep stored/transported TP dry, clean, free from being crushed? In the past I have used a metal coffee can with removable plastic lid but it is not particularly efficient, if there's a better solution I am ready to adopt it.

Lucky j

I am the plastic bag kind of guys to. But what about peanut butter or any plastic jars like that?

But maybe I should come up with a roll protectec by a cut in hafl coffe can on a stick that you plant in the ground and sell, go for fundanything and sell for a ton of money here on expo. I could pay for my upgrades to rig and trailer and travel around the wolrd taking picture of the TP expe holder for my blog.

Hum. I have to think about that.


I found a round tupper ware container that it fits nicely in...keeps it from getting crushed...and the lid doubles as someplace dry to set it on when the ground is wet.