Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread


Would like to know more about your shower stall you have mounted. Can you provide some additional information?


It’s mounted using a 500lb locking slide and a 1x3 piece of aluminum. The aluminum let me bolt everything up under the tent. I’ll be changing this soon when I get working on the new tent set up.

I like your solution for raising the tent to camp mode. Is it working to your satisfaction? Any things you would do different if you built another one?

It really works perfectly. My only change would be using a different tent. We are going to go with a bundutop, solar on top, and a OZ tent that we can set up against the trailer for longer stays. This gives us the fast set up with similar room/privacy to the CVT with the annex attached.

Amazing build. Great work. Lots of great ideas and great execution in here.



Finally ran across your build thread. Fantastic ideas and top-notch building skills! You are clearly in the class of an Overland Artist.

Background- I am putting the CVT Mt. Shasta Extended RTT (56"x48") on my custom 5'x8' trailer, (58" high). Similar issue as you, as I want to have RTT high enough (72-78") to use the annex. With my particular trailer layout, I have decided on RTT opening to rear. But due to my axle location and center of gravity, I cannot just put the RTT raised up at the back edge. So I have come up with a very similar idea of lifting the RTT as you did. The lifting frame would both lift the RTT 14-20" up and move it 17" back to the rear of trailer for opening. Lowered for transport, the RTT would be over the axle.

Since your lift was a clear success, I would like your comments on your final working design.
1) you used 4 lift struts. did you use 200LB for all four?
How did you figure out the right size struts (length & lb-strength) to use?
2) why did you use the long struts for front? why not just put 2 onto the frame & arms, same as your rear pair?
3) do you need use hold down clamps to keep the RTT from lifting on its own? Is there risk of the RTT lowering when you are moving around in the tent?
4) is the lifting and lowering still pretty simple? ~30lb of force needed?
5) any lessons-learned or pointers on getting to your final success of the lift?
My RTT is being delivered next week, and will be taking my trailer to the welding shop (no, I don't weld) as soon as I finalized my "back of an envelope" design.

Sorry for all the questions, but using this forum to learn from others is a huge benefit for us less-talented guys.

It was great to also see all your trip photos with your family. As this is why we have all this equipment and "stuff" in the first place.

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