TJ/LJ Adjustable Control arms with no Heim Joint?


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I'm hoping to sell my LR3 after we get out of quarantine and Pick of a LJ. I'm not planing to get big tires on this truck as it will not be needed for want I want to do. I want to keep it light with mostly stock kit and a Winch. However I have had TJ's before and I would like to get new solid control arms. I don't want heim joints though way back when Tera Flex made a control arm that you could adjust but that didnt have a Heim. Is anyone makeing something like this? If not Ill just get the Tera Flex Arms and press in so rubber bushing to the Heim.


My old TJ for Reference.


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Do you include Johnny Joints when you say Heim?

My brother and I both run Savvy control arms with a combined 100k mikes on them with zero issues.
I love the adjustability while installed.

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@Beowulf yeah I think of Johnny Joints as Heims. Really I just want to stay away from any Flex joint and stick with Rubber at both ends of the control arms. I want to keep the service intervals of down and I don't need max flex anyway.


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I totally would go with Savvy as they are the real deal, but you might also check out Currie. I had their short arm kit and with a 1" BL, the 4.5" AEV progressive coils and Rancho adjustable shocks was a pretty good combination.


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@nwood I look on there site looks like all there arms have Johnny Joints and I want to keep the the Mounts on both ends as rubber bushings.


Perhaps a compromise with the MetalCloak Duroflex joints? They're supposed to be a nice compromise between the stock rubber and higher durometer flex joints like Johnny Joints, etc.

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I am leaning more to the rubber bushings. I just ordered the 4th set of Johnny Joint bushings that have give up the ghost in 120,000 miles. If your rock crawling then maybe they you may want them. I have given up that type of use with the Jeep. In tracing down replacements (they have discontinued the parts from my manufacture) of my lift kit. They recommended I get the bushings from a different company. I will just have to see if they fit next week when they get here.

I have the poly at the other end of the arms. They have the privilege of being very squeaky. It is not so bad if your able to get the squeaking in tune with the music (nice harmonics). 🙃 It will last for a short trip before they start joining in the background music.


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I would call Dirk at DPG Offroad. The man is a Jeep suspension guru and probably can get you set up with a really sweet custom suspension.

Tell him exactly how you plan to build your Jeep and he'll do the rest.


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If you aren't needing the benefits of the Currie/Savvy arms, just go adjustable Rubber jointed arms, there's a whole heap of them out there. Double adjustable versions allow you to make the setup adjustments without removing one end of the arm, so might be of benefit.


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Thanks for all the reply yeah I definitely want rubber at both ends of the arms this. The toughest offered conditions it will see will be unmaintained forest service roads. It’s just to get me into the back country for climbing. Now I just need to get My LR3 sold.

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A update with the different manufacture replacement parts. (See post #8) The old manufacture who said the different manufactures joints would work. Were wrong! inside and outside measurements were OK but the thickness was over 1/8" to thin. The end reault is I will return them and see if I can get my money back. I went out and got the rubber bushings. With some heat to the outside of the end I go them in tight and solid.