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Howdy all, been off the forums for a while but as the family grows my need (ok want ;)) for a truck grows as well. Planning to make a purchase later this year and the Titans caught my eye.

I like the looks, the size and the interior a lot, however I've read mixed reviews on reliability so I figured I would come to the source and find out from the great crew here at ExPo. Keep in mind I've owned several Land Rovers in the past so I am not afraid to get my hands dirty a bit, but just don't want to be constantly chasing issues.

I don't plan to go "off road" with the truck, however I want to be able to explore the forest roads up in the NC mountains and some of them get a little hairy, how is the off road ability of a pretty stock 4wd Titan?

How has your Titan ownership experience been? Year of truck, miles etc?

Thanks in advance for any info!


I have a 2004 2wd crew cab. This was the first year the Titan was produced. I loved the truck and the only reason I got rid of it was because I need more payload capacity for a pop-up camper. The first year model had two issues, front brake rotors and a circuit board. All were fixed under warranty. Other than that it was solid and took us many places camping. If Nissan built a 3/4 or 1 ton I would have seriously considered getting it over the Big 3.


I'll chime in. I had a 2008.5 Crew Cab SE 4x4. Loved the truck. Great size, good power, fully boxed frame. If you're going to get one, get a 2008.5 model or newer. This is when they upgraded to bigger front rotors as well as rear diff update I believe. Gas mileage will hurt at about 12/17, but it's a full size truck.

I only had it for 60,000 miles before selling it. In that time, I had the front diff replaced twice, but the issues occurred after my sister crashed it once and after I added a 6" lift with 35" tires. After the second replacement, no more diff issues. My HVAC control module went out on me, which I replaced for about $50...easy DIY fix. Engine and tranny wise I had no issues.

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I've got an 05 crew le, and it's been great to me. I've got 275,000km on it now with lots of those being off road km's and tons of them being bad winter roads. Yes brakes are definitely undersized on the earlier models. A set of drilled and slotted rotors and high performance pads solves that. I've had the front left stub axle actually back out of the diff. Levelling kit loads the c-clip holding in stub axle causing it to back off when diff gets hot. 24" pry bar and and it clips right back in. Diff drop solved that. This last summer i had one wheel bearing feeling rough so i did all four(might aswell right).Other than that I haven't had any other repairs. I do fluids religiously and send in fluid samples every time. All samples are still coming back really clean. I'll be buying another one when this one finally dies


Hi there, I own a '08 titan pro-4x, big tow crew cab. My first titan was a 2wd cc se. I had a 98 Tacoma extended cab before that. I bought the first titan cause my two older kids were out growing the Tacoma. At the time my little girl, 5, could stand straight up in the back area, so plenty of room for both adults and kids. My second titan I wanted the four wheel drive for camping and offroading. Both titans have been great, they tow well, haven't had any issues. Solid truck overall.
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Just traded my 04' .... very reliable with only a few minor issues through out the years, as you would expect with any brand. My biggest complaint about the Titan was the fuel economy. It is a gas guzzler, but the new diesel might help .... (early models also had cracking header issues, 3k fix since you have to replace the cats as well)


Nice trucks. Plenty of power at the expense of fuel economy. Stock suspension is OK, a few minor upgrades & it's very good (upgrade struts & shocks). I had an '09 I bought used & traded it towards my '13 just because the '09 was approaching 80K miles.

The exhaust manifolds can still crack on the newer trucks, but are warranted up to 80K. Headers are the fix & can be done less expensive if you do the work, compared to OEM manifolds-if out of warranty.

Rear differentials were also a weak point, but supposedly fixed with a vented diff cover after ?'07.

I just wish my crew cab had an actual 6' bed, but overall I'm very happy driving it...