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OK so here's the deal my tires that have about 30 K on them how like a werewolf on a full moon when I'm driving down the road so I need to buy new ones I'm going to sell these they are 315 7017s. The tires I'm looking at our cooper discovers ATP or Kumo Pathfinders my question for all of you is simply this will least get loud as they wear even if I rotate them to tread is much less aggressive than kelly safaris Otherwise they are both fairly similar both are E rated with 3 ply sidewalks. The Cooper's cost about 250 bucks more than the Khumo


Ive been running Cooper STTs since 1995, so Cooper gets my vote. The STT Pros are pretty quite compared to the Swampers I had for a few years.
I have had toyos it has been years ago. I need to make a decision fast gotta get this done before expo > Any know anything about newer falkens wild peak at 3


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I've driven nothing but Firestone Destinations for the last 10 years or so. 100% my vote. Good tread wear, good ride, quiet. I have MTs on my XJ and the LE2 on both my WKII and my ZJ.


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The key to the equation is silicone. Cooper tires (like the newer BFG tires), tend to use a fair amount of silicone in their rubber compounds, which provides wear resistance, tread block durability, flexibility, wet weather traction, and above all, quiet ride characteristics.

However, the percentage of silicone dimishes the deeper into the treadblock you go (for structural & stability reasons), so tire howl is still a thing as they wear down.

Side note: I recently rented one of Nina Barlow's Jeeps, which run 35" Falkien WildPeaks. I was literally shocked at how good they were on pavement. Phenomenally smooth and quiet. No issues off road either.
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A buddy of mine just put on the wildpeak 3 on a f250. Said they are very quite and it rides so much better than the old bfg ats (not KO2S) he had before. He probably has less than 500 miles on them so not sure about longevity. They do look good though.

so here are the final 3 big question is the Cooper app vs the cooper at3 same tire different tread pattern because the app is made for a specific brand so they changed the tread pattern what do you all think of the tread on the 2 coopers . going from left to right cooper app wild peak at3 and cooper at3

Then again I got a really good price on a BFG ko2 6 play c rating but I am wondering what I should go with? e rating or c rating ?



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I have a 2016 JKU with 2.5 inch lift and Toyo AT2 e-rated 10 ply-- 285x75r16. 31000 miles and they still tread check "near new"


I'm a big Cooper fan. Ran ATPs on my Ram 2500. They are quiet all terrains, but not on the aggressive side. I have switched to the ST Maxx on my JKU. Just put on the second set and love them.