Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.


Best place I have found. https://www.thefoamfactory.com/
Priced right. Nice selection of foam qualities and reasonably quick.

Highly recommend the Lux and HD foams - be sure to get a cover or you'll receive just the foam.
Agreed. I ordered my foam from these guys.

Pretty good deal on custom covers from: Cushionsxpress http://www.cushionsxpress.com/ I have no affiliation, just have used them for Sunbrella custom cushion covers. Relatively quick (around 3 weeks).


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Happy New Year, everyone!

The RTTx status as of 12/30/19:

- A lot has been accomplished. As such a lot of inquiries and questions have come up as well.
- In-the-field testing has concluded with numerous results taken
- Overall, the tent has passed many hardcore weather events. Including - hail, heavy winds, downpours, etc.
- Coming out of testing some design changes are being implemented. Namely - materials, fabric and rainfly modifications.
- Final designs are being completed that will enable some state-of-the-art material and fabric improvements.
- Work is currently underway to secure final parts sources and vendors. (this is the stuff that takes crazy time)

What's left?

Once we have secured all partners and parts vendors needed for a smooth transition into production, we will open up ordering and get things moving.

Reason: Once we open up things on Kickstarter, etc...we want to be able to quickly implement production and the resulting orders in a minimum wait-time versus, having our customers wait for product. (as seems to be the case with the usual Kickstarter Campaign).

All of this is dependent on the lead time of parts. Please note - usual time to raw materials and custom parts is approximately 6-8 weeks+. We are working on reducing this as best as possible. But this is usually something that improves with time and numerous orders.

The simple fact is - Terrapod would rather come to the table offering a product that is ready-to-go, versus the usual routine of having customers wait months if not year's for the product they paid for.

The Terrapod RTTx has already been designed, prototyped and tested in the field. It is ready to go. The rest is making it happen.

Stay tuned. We are working hard to get there...properly.

Cheers and Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2020.



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This is a great design, and potentially my next tent. I just have one requirement, for it to be able to haul my kayak on the top of the tent. Do you have a couple of removable load bars for the tent? I wouldn't run with them all the time, but when needed, I would love to still be able to bring my kayak on my trips. Nothing super heavy, about 50lbs or less.

Great job Chad


Side note - there is no need for waterproofing the mattress. If you are getting water in there, there are bigger problems with your tent. ;)
I used Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite Fabric, which is water repellent, probably not water proof. I'm thinking it breaths ?

Recommended books for Overlanding


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Terrapod RTTx News:

Very exciting stuff is underway. The final production model has begun assembly! 🤘

Once completed and finalized, the production version will yield the final parts count and materials required for ordering in quantity. From that point forward - we will open up ordering.

Stay tuned!

All the hard work in design, prototyping, testing has resulted in a roof top tent unlike anything you have seen. And...we cannot wait to share it!

Thank you for your continued support!

Adventure Simple!



What a beautiful, light and airy tent you've created, it's a real breath of fresh air amongst the current market.

If you have any information about a single person model I'd love to see it.

Thank you.


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RTTx Prototype 001 will be sacrificing itself...for the cause.

We will be testing the structural integrity of prototype RTTx001 by dropping a 7" diameter, 6' long pine tree limb from 10-12 feet onto the tent to find out how tough it really is...on camera.

(That is of course, when it finally stops raining here in the Southeast...)

Stay Tuned!