Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

Montana Cruiser

Nice looking set-up you have there, what kind of trailer is that? Would love to know more about it.
I was glamping this past weekend with the travel trailer but lots of people asked about the roof tent so I set it up for the tour of trailers day where everybody checks out your modifications.
It was very popular since most of the folks had never seen one up close.


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Terrapod Update: 08/19/21

Howdy folks. A big, hearty THANK YOU goes out to our First Edition customers. You guys have been tremendous. Your enthusiasm and excitement for Terrapod has been fantastic. And...on the days that have been tough, this fact has helped us a ton. So...again, thank you!

Production Status:

Production has restarted and we have the first few underway. While we were scheduled to get things going a couple weeks ago, some supply chain delays which, in turn have caused some startup delays. But...we see the light and we should be up to full speed in about a week.

For those new customers - trust me, we want you to get your tents. We love our growing Terrapod family and truly look forward to delivering tents to each of you.

Kos is reaching out to those who are next in line. He will be confirming orders and getting everything ready to go. Please be sure to connect with him.

Lastly - we will have an exciting announcement for our West Coast Customers very soon. Stay tuned.

Till then...Adventure Simple.




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When your tent reaches the production queue, you will be contacted by Kos to confirm your order and pay for your tent. He will try you 3 TIMES. After that, your order will be deferred and we will move on to the next reservation in line.

In order to maintain a production workflow, we must do this. Please respond in a reasonable timeframe.

Thank you.

- Terrapod Mgt Team
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Ladies and Gents...Terrapod is proud to announce our partnership with Rhino Adventure Gear located in Fremont and San Marcos, CA. Rhino Adventure Gear is now an authorized Terrapod dealer and will be our West Coast distribution hub.

In addition - Come by and see the latest Terrapod RTTx XL in person at the Overland Expo West at Rhino Adventure Gear's Booth. Terrapod Santa will also be there in person. (Please do not sit on his lap. Could get awkward.)



I've watched Chad develop and prototype this tent for years - with his background in design and experience in the aircraft industry (building them - not flying them) - its a very well thought out and executed design.
After watching this project from his first prototype to the latest production models I was eager to support his kickstarter campaign and purchase one of his first production models.
I sold a perfectly serviceable and comfortable Maggiolina (which are great tents but heavier and taller) to get my Terrapod. I'm excited that Chad will be able to show the results of his hard work at Expo.
He has a great passion for this project and the talents to bring it all together. I just wish I was able to be there as well to show off my tent and help promote them. The materials and quality in this roof tent are top notch.
There is no way he would ever let this project go to China - he's invested too much of himself in it.



SE Expedition Society
USA...period. If we moved production over there, quality would go into the toilet. I will not let that happen.

Congrats on the Rhino deal; great products from them.

Tell Kos to watch out for bootleggers at the Expo copying your design. Just ask @BritKLR about knockoffs these days.


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OVERLAND EXPO WEST - Terrapod is there!

Howdy folks! Are you planning on attending Overland Expo West? The very latest Terrapod RTTx XL tent will be on display. It's the perfect chance to get hands on and see the quality of our tents.

We are at the following location:
Rhino Adventure Gear Booth P67: 35.140649, -111.692140

Location Details:


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Overland Expo West - The Terrapod Early Reveal

Overall - OExW Was a huge success. Booth traffic was impressive with a ton of people stopping by to check out the Terrapod RTTx XL. Big thanks to Rhino Adventure Gear for letting us tag along in their booth. We really appreciated the opportunity to display their exclusive brand colored RTTx.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the RTTx, fear not...We have our own booth at Overland Expo East with a lot more goodness to show off.