Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.


That’s exactly what my backup tent is when I’m too lazy to mount the RTT or the trail is too difficult requiring me to keep the roof weight down!

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Saw a guy who did this.
A Cabelos covered cot as a budget, superlight RTT.

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Now that I have 2 TJRs, the beater might get this for the 2/3/4 day local expeditions over mountain passes. Be very cool, incredibly light, for no doors, no top summer exploring.
Looks good and safe... :oops: Applaud the Made in China creativity. Now do this to it and let us know how it goes... ;)

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Next time drop that branch across the ridge... lol
If you park under a danger tree.............
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The Terrapod RTTx - the most tested, proven, new-to-market Roof Top Tent, ever conceived.
14 months - 1000's of miles on and off road - high winds - monsoon rain - high desert t-storms - hail

...and a 40 lb, 87" limb dropped onto it from 14'...3 times.

It survived it all.

Handcrafted and made in the USA.



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Quick note - Terrapod is an official Rhino-Rack USA Dealer. We will be offering discount on tents and Rhino-Rack mounting hardware / gear. Be sure to mention this and we can hook you up with a bolt-on setup.



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Attention Prinsu and Victory Rack owners - (3/4 & Full length). Mounting kit is now available.



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Hey folks...you all witnessed the birth of the RTTx, right here on Portal. Even if you are not in the market for a tent, please consider one of our other merch items. Every little bit will help us get up to speed that much faster. (BTW - the Mag-Coozie is freakin awesome. Easily my favorite thing.)

Help spread the word! We are truly wanting to bring high-quality USA made gear to the industry. We deserve quality gear!!

Go here! Terrapod RTTx - Extreme Series Vehicle Roof Tent by Chad Austin — Kickstarter

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Kickstarter Update: Don't Wait! The Introductory price is only for the First Edition Tents.

Only 12 units remain!

A reminder - we are using Kickstarter to jumpstart marketing to build awareness for Terrapod. That's pretty much it. All parts and materials are in within the next week and we will be starting production. So...the sooner we hit our goal, the sooner we ship tents.

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How many Roof Top Tents do you know of that can do this...on a lifted truck?

For those who have asked regarding standard 7 foot Garage doors - Here you go.

Details as shown:

1) Vehicle details: 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail with a 3.5" lift, 275/70/17 tires
2) Terrapod RTTx Tent with Rhino-Rack Backbone mount.
3) Garage door is a standard 2 car 7 foot tall garage door.

The Rhino-Rack Backbone as a direct mount for the RTTx provides not only the best mounting option, it allows the vehicle to retain the proper aerodynamic airflow over the roof.

Only 12 left on the Kickstarter First Editions. Get it while you still can!

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Allow me to present the media kit images of the RTTx Production model.



And as someone who has spent many nights in my Maggiolina and has looked at almost every roof tent on the market, I'm glad to say I've reserved number 22 of the first 25.

As a retired Lockheed engineer I'm very impressed with the details of the Terrapod and look forward to camping in new roof tent next spring. The modular design of the Terrapod is one of the great features of this tent which leads to all sorts of extremely interesting possibilities.
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