Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.


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06/01 UPDATE: Covid-19 caused the supply chain to take a giant dump. Nearly all vendors and partners were shut down as they were marked as "non-essential". We were notified last week, by a number of them, they were opening back up for business. Many mentioned if they shipped their products during the shutdown, they would have been fined by their respective locations'.

So..where are we today? We have started the engines back up and are working to get the parts needed for a run of the first 50 units. We have to line up a facility (again)...and determine the best place to not only build these, but accept shipments and grow. Once we have a better idea on the timeline...I will post up another update.

Thanks all. We appreciate the enthusiasm and the increase in following over the course of the shutdown. The tent is coming.

Adventure Simple.


Chad is right on target about the supply chain vulnerability; while most suppliers are back on line, we need them all back for assured access to all the components we need before committing to taking orders. We are getting there and are excited that we are once again moving forward.


In the meantime, more field testing this past weekend makes for a better product.....


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Update 06/18/20:

Progress Update 06/18/20: Getting there!

Howdy all! And welcome to our new followers.

News: Not until 2 weeks ago were we able to contact some of our suppliers. Some of which were just reopened as they were labelled "non-essential."

As things are opening back up, we are working to finalize all material/supplies orders this and next week. After that - we are 6-8 weeks out from fulfilling tent orders.

Things we can say now for certain:

1. The final production design has been completed.
2. We have obtained a manufacturing location.
3. The website & kickstarter pages are currently being completed.
4. We should have a release date very soon.

What to expect from this point forward:

1. We are targeting 50 units for the initial run.
2. They will be on a first come, first serve basis.
3. The turn time once all raw materials is relatively quick...however...we have no idea what to expect given what Covid has done. As a result we are estimating about a 6-8 week turn.
4. We will maintain open dialog with all orders.
5. We will start the ordering through Kickstarter to keep things organized and allow others to buy some swag to help us get things rolling.

That's all we can offer now. There is still a lot in the air as everything was heavily extended due to the Covid-19 BS.
We are optimistic we can get things back on track.

Thanks all. We appreciate the continued support. We're glad you're here.

Adventure Simple.



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RTTx Tent Improvements:

As we head into production, each prototype lended itself to test different ideas and methods in which to create these tents. From the materials to even the mattress, we were careful to truly test out the components that truly worked best.

Here are some of the details and features that have proven to be the best and are slated for the final production version.*
(*Terrapod reserves the right to change the product. Prototypes shown.)

Updated rainfly hard mounts:

Uprated latches & billet aluminum spring rod mounts:

Interior all-weather corner supports:

Added weather protection & fabric reinforcements:

Improvements to overall construction:

Last but not least - we are still working with Exped® to provide the optional & amazing DeepSleep mattress:

More to come very, very soon. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We're glad you're here.

Adventure Simple.


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RTTx Update 07/05/20: Lots of questions pouring in...

How about a Monday Morning FAQ to help answer some of those burning questions?

Q: Where are we at this moment?
A: Orders are being placed for parts & materials. There are some significant lead times that must be managed. Therefore, we are not opening up ordering until we know for certain when we can fulfill orders.

After all - kinda sucks when you order something and it takes a ridiculously long time before you receive it...Amaright? We want to manage our customers expectations with a flow of information and actual timelines.

Q: Will there be a Kickstarter campaign?
A: Yes. This will be tied to the initial, early bird release of 25 units. 10 of which, with a unique, one-time only custom color rainfly. We are aiming to open the doors by mid-late July. A countdown of notifications will go out via Facebook and the various forums we have been tied to. Namely IH8TMUD.com, T4R.org, Expeditionportal.com, and Americanadventurist.com

Q: How will orders be taken?
A: Ordering will be tied to the Kickstarter campaign initially. During this time, our primary e-commerce website will be completed and orders following the opening 25 units will be taken there.

Note, if you are not able to buy a tent at this time, but would like to become part of the Adventure Simple community and help the launch of Terrapod®, other Kickstarter swag levels will be available.

Q: Why only 25 tents? I thought there were to be 50...
A: Well...a number of our suppliers had their own fulfillment and inventory issues tied to the Covid-19 global situation. This was the best number to meet at the present time. We are looking to do ongoing production runs of 25, with more likely as things get back to normal.

Q: What will be required at order time?
A: A production deposit will be required to secure your tent order. The amount will be determined when Kickstarter goes live.

Q: How long till orders can be fulfilled?
A: At the present time, we are looking at an 8-10 week lead time to receive all parts & materials. We will be in constant contact will all purchasers.

Q: Can my tent be shipped internationally?
A: Of course, but plan on it being very expensive. Canada customers will likely be the easiest. Others, not-so-much.

Q: What will shipping be?
A: Cost is presently unknown. We are expecting it to be similar to all other RTT distributors. Plan on freight due to the size and weight.

Q: What is the final tent size and weight?
A: Exterior = 94"L x 53.75"W. Interior = 86.75" x 52"
Weight is expected to be approximately 115lbs (tent only)

Q: What are the final production colors?
A: Similar to the attached photo - silver /clear anodized main tray with medium gray powder coated accents. The main panels are white with matching gray Terrapod® graphics. Standard fabric will be gray with black accents and an orange rainfly. Reason is simple - the lighter colors reflect heat and resulted in a tougher finish when testing.

That is all for now...we will do our best to keep everyone up to speed as we get closer to production.

Thanks for being a part of the ride!

Adventure Simple.

Final colors:

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I just finished reading through this thread, wow! I'm not in the market for an RTT at the moment, but if I were this looks like a great option! Keep up the good work!