Tired of all the "crap" RTT's. So I made my own. - TERRAPOD!


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Overland Expo East! Here we come.

Terrapod will be attending Overland Expo East (Booth #A41). We will have both the SOLO and XL on display, rain or shine. Come on by and check us out!

Till then, adventure simple.


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>> HAPPY 2022!! - Terrapod Production Update 12/30/21 <<

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have chosen Terrapod. We would not be at the point we are if you had not decided to chose us. For that we are very appreciative. We thank you for your passion and excitement for our products and we are making every effort to increase the production pace in order to better serve our customers.

Terrapod News:

- Sewing Teams
- Terrapod has secured a partnership with a professional, high-level sewing group. Effective mid-Jan 2022 and on, we will be increasing our output of sewn products dramatically. This partnership will result in an increase in fabric quality with a faster output of sewn materials. This pace will directly impact tent output.

- Materials - Terrapod has secured materials to provide an entire run of tents for 2022. It took forever...but we did it. Another 3000 lbs of our proprietary aluminum extrusion is in our warehouse. In addition, Terrapod has been assured our proprietary composite panels will be available by our composites partner.

- Regional Destination Dealers & Shipping - Terrapod has secured 3 major market dealer locations. We are presently working to secure more in the Texas / Oklahoma region, and the Northeast region. These dealers will serve as destinations to receive your Terrapod RTTx tents. We have also worked with our dealers to help our customers with installs (installation fees will apply).

The following destination dealers have been established:

- West Coast, South: Rhino Adventure Gear San Marcos, CA
- West Coast, Mid / North: Rhino Adventure Gear, Fremont, CA.
- Rocky Mtn Region: Juniper Overland, Denver, CO.
- Southeast / Atlantic Region: Terrapod HQ Gainesville, GA

- Shipping - Due to the Covid situation that has plagued the entire shipping industry, freight shipping fees have dramatically (see ridiculously) skyrocketed and are out of control. As a result - shipping singular tents to direct customers can be done - BUT IS NOT RECOMMENDED AT THIS TIME. Reason - the cost to do this method, while possible, is insanely expensive. (To the order of $800+ depending on location). OUR SOLUTION - By shipping groups of tents within a singular crate, we can divide the cost by the quantity of tents, resulting in a more reasonable cost. In addition, our crates will provide a better protection. Lastly - our destination dealers have all been chosen with our customers' needs in mind. Meaning - These dealers have all the capability to install your tent and help you accessorize and outfit your rig. Win, win.

Ordering - Please know, Terrapod is presently in a transition to supply all Destination Dealers with RTTx Tents for sale. While we do have a reservation list, we request all future customers check out our regional dealers closest to you as we make the switch to a dealer sales model.

Tent Colors - Effective Dec'21 and on Terrapod has selected 3 fabric color sets for our RTTx XL & SOLO tents. Those colors are:
- Desert Tan with Black Rainfly
- Standard Grey with Orange Rainfly
- Graphite Grey with Blue Rainfly

(Other rainfly colors will be available separately.) In addition, the light grey coated parts have been discontinued. We will continue working through the remaining parts. Once depleted, a new darker grey will be used. It has a dramatic look and style that fits with all the available fabric color sets.

Production Status & Covid:

Terrapod has been repeatedly hit with delays within our supply chain. Some quite randomly, but still harsh. This also includes sickness happening within our own walls. Just recently, our new sewing team tested positive for Covid-19 and will be down for the count for at least 2 weeks. We know we are not alone in this scenario. While we do see a light at the end of the tunnel, we kindly ask for continued patience, as we are all being effective by this virus.

Please note - Various parts and colors are backordered due to Covid. We will make announcements and let our dealers know once they are available.

2022 and on:

We are excited for the future. We love meeting our customers when they come to our HQ for an install. And...we absolutely love seeing the passion for what we are trying to accomplish. Overall, Terrapod is working hard to improve our pace, quality and execution of our expedition-grade tents and we thank you for the opportunity to bring you the only true roof top tent that has been designed, tested and built here, in the USA.

Happy 2022. Cheers.
Adventure simple.



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Greetings all and Happy New Year...

A few quick announcements.

Terrapod production status will be actively updated weekly on our home page. Stay tuned to find out production information and updates. Please note - we will also be posting which serial number's are in production here. Once you are notified and have received your number, you can check on the status on the home page.

We will do everything we can to remain transparent with our production. However, please keep in mind we are still in the grip of the pandemic. While parts and materials supplies are seemingly getting better, delays and shortages are still happening. Those who say otherwise are not being truthful. It's happening to us all. We continue to ask for patience. If you have a question about your tent, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide as much information as we can.

Now for the good news! Terrapod has secured a partnership with a new cut/sew fabric team. This partnership will improve our overall quality, while also allowing us to increase our production pace in order to best serve our customers. Look for exciting changes coming soon.

Once again, a BIG thank you for all your continued support and enthusiasm. We know without all of you support, Terrapod wouldn't be where we are today.




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Howdy Folks!

Quick update. We have refined our color selections to the following choices:

As things progress with our suppliers, and we gradually get back up to speed without Covid (please, please, please)...we will begin to offer more rainfly and possibly more main fabric colors. In the meantime, we will offer Red, Orange, Blue, Grey and Black rainfly colors as added accessory. Reason for the standard colors above: it simplifies production and will help to speed things up.

With regards to production - we have been impacted by some Covid infections within our teams. Namely our sewing and metal machining team. This has slowed things a bit, but we expected to see things pick up very soon.

Thanks for the continued support and enthusiasm! We appreciate it.



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Howdy Adventure-type Peoples! How about a Terrapod Production update?!

First the stellar news!

I am very happy to report, production is finally showing signs of progress as pace begins to pick up. We are presently working hard to whittle down the reservations so we may improve the lead times. That said - if you are interested in purchasing a Terrapod RTTx XL or SOLO, make your reservations sooner than later. We are seeing weekly reservations come in and the longer you wait to reserv your's, the longer the line might be.

Tents are currently being produced in a more manageable pace due to improvements in material / supply lead times. Even our longest Covid-reelated lead time for our proprietary panels has improved tremendously.

Now the not-so-stellar news:

Shipping. Freight shipping has gone through the proverbial roof. Freight shippers have doubled and even tripled their costs...and then...wait for it...added a fuel surcharge on top it. Frankly, this is complete and utter BS. And...is unfortunately completely out of our control. We are not alone in this, virtually every industry is effected.

We will continue to ship out to our regional partners in bulk where applicable, to aid customers with costs, etc. And, we will provide direct shipping as well. Of course, you are always welcome to visit us and have a cup of coffee, while we install your tent.

And lastly some final bits:

>> All active and non-active military persons, as well as first responders will be given a 10% discount on all products we offer as a thank you for your service.
>> We now offer a compatible mounting system for the Jeep JK/JL Wrangler Unlimited Hard Tops with the Rhino-Rack Backbone system in place. This mounting offers the lowest profile while allowing a secure mount for the RTTx XL.
>> For the most current and up-to-date Terrapod production information, be sure to visit our website's home page.

In the meantime, Adventure Simple.




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Howdy all!

Lots to talk about. Here's the nutshell version:

- Production pace has picked up. Shipments going out every week
- Lead times hare shrinking
- Tents are being picked up every week.
- Terrapod offers a 10% standing discount to all first responders and active military / veterans

Now the best news!

- All colors are now available!
- All powder coated parts / plates are now a gorgeous dark grey.
- Juniper Overland in the Denver Area will have one in their showroom very soon!

>>> Be sure to get your build reservation in soon before the Spring Summer rush starts. <<<

and ta-daaa!!! Here is the very first Desert Tan.



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Howdy Everyone!

We have sale popping into spring. The "Come Git Yer Tent" Sale is underway. Due to the freight craziness. If you can make a trip to come see us, we will take $200 off the top of an RTTx of your choice. Go here for more details - restrictions apply.

Other news -

We will not be attending Overland Expo West. Honestly...it snuck up on us after they changed the overall show schedule. But that said, we do intend on attending Overland Expo Mtn West in Colorado as well as Overland Expo East. At Mtn West we intend to be there supporting our Denver Dealer Juniper Overland.

In the meantime - Now is the time to get your orders in. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we would like to keep up the production pace.

Thank you for the continued support. Adventure simple!


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Hey All - Terrapod appears to be making an impact on the industry. Now everyone is making ads saying their tent is tough. But is it really?

When it comes to all Terrapod Tents - we don't settle:

- All Terrapod tents are built to order. That means - it's not sitting on a shelf, or a boat from SE Asia. It's built for you...here in the USA.
- In design, we took into account all things that mattered. Weight, aero, material choices, the lot. We wanted to make sure this tent would performed in the worst conditions.
- Then...we tested them to prove they worked and to make them better. - for 14 Months in all conditions - Rain, snow, sleet, winds, hail, and sun. In nearly all environments from the Appalachian mountains the West's High Deserts.
- And to top it off - we challenge any RTT group to show us their tent can also take a hit from a falling 8 foot long, 40+lb limb (when deployed) and survive without taking major damage to the occupants or the primary structure. Because...we did just that.

Real world testing. Real world results. We believed it was time for a properly tough RTT. Not marketing BS.

Thanks for all the kudos. We really appreciate all the feedback. If any of you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to answer any question you might have.

When you choose your next RTT, choose wisely.



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We have finally reached reasonable levels! Wait times have reduced. We are working hard to whittle down the wait list and get things on track. All colors are in stock and we are primed to make the toughest, most hardcore tent on the market.



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Greetings Everyone - a quick announcement!

Terrapod will be at the Overland Expo Mountain West, hosted by Juniper Overland (booth B1). Stop by, say hello, grab a Terrapod patch and check out the RTTx XL while you are there!


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