tire time here soon


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alright i know this has been asked but here goes. i have a 96 sr. the front t bars turned a bit just to level the rig. i want to run 33 x 10.5 but alas my favorite tire the coooper stt only comes in a 12.5. what mods or trimming do i need to do specifically. i don't like rubbing nor am i that stoked to run so wide. what do i do?


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For the most part that size should be ok. You might rub just a tad on the edge of the front bumper when under full flex or when doing a fast u turn.


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could go up a size to 16 inch wheels and run 255 85R 16 (just over 33.4 x 10) or 285 75R 16 (32.8 x 11.2)


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don't want to buy wheels. what if i trimmed the bumper end cap plastic thing? will i rub on the fender at all?


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Depends on the wheel offset you choose. If you go with a near neutral offset, then you probably wouldn't have any issues whatsoever.


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Are you running the stock wheels? I think the 12.5's fit the truck (I'm running 10.5's, so no real experience), but the 12.5's are probably going to be too wide for the stock wheels.


I'm on after market wheels. i believe they are neutral, I'll have to measure.

I'm running 33x12.5 on stock rims. I have the t-bars cranked and 2 inch coil spacers in the rear.

They rarely rub but when they do it is on the fender.

~ Jon


You'll only get minor rubbing while turning past a certain point with the suspension loaded/compressed. In most situations, you won't rub. It's also easily and quickly fixed.


I've got a 1" BL, the 1.6" Ironman kit, and 1" wheel spacers all around now. 33x12.5's on stock rims. Low profile bump stops on the up travel, no bump stops on the down travel (it travels more than a stock setup would).

Was out Labor Day weekend at Sherman Peak, and had ~1000 lbs of gear in the truck. Suspension was tapped out on several obstacles. With the exception of some previous body damage making a piece of plastic stick out on the front left (caught the mud flap and tore it off months ago...it would occasionally catch on where the flap used to be, since it became convex when it tore off...) - there was not any rubbing anywhere. We did a quick trailside repair to the offending section (took 5 mins) before starting up the trail and all was well.


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