Tire size question


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I have a 2008 Suburban 2500 that used to be a border patrol truck. I am still getting to know the truck a bit. It was riding really rough and noticed that the front was riding higher than the rear. I assumed that the torsion bars were cranked, so I backed them off a bit and it now rides level. However, the tires now rub. They are 265/70r 18 (approximately 32.6"x10.4"). I am guessing the aftermarket rims might just have the wrong offset, maybe sticking too far out, but before I replace the rims, I should probably figure out what the max tire size for that vehicle should be. Does anyone have any idea what the max size tire should be for the 2500? I think the 2500 rides higher than the 1500, which means bigger tires. If those tires supposedly fit, then I know that either the rims have the wrong offset or the suspension has something funky going on, possibly from being a border patrol truck with a funky factory package...I think.


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I just found on tirerack that stock is 245/70r16! That is a full 3 inches shorter and an inch narrower. So, I guess the question would be whether I get levelling keys for the front, get a lift kit, or get smaller tires, unless someone has a good idea that I haven't thought of.

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I would recommend the cognito leveling kit. You’ll get clearance to run a larger tire as well as maintain wheel travel/ride quality vs cranking the t bars.


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I have always been a big fan of trimming and gently massaging the fenders until there is no more rubbing. It's only painful the first few cuts and whacks, then it becomes enjoyable. Did that on my 2000 Sub and my 2011 Sub, neither rubs now.

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You should be able to easily run 33s on that truck with wheels that are close to factory offset and maybe a little wider than stock. You didn't tell us which aftermarket wheels are on it, so I wonder if those were installed by BP or by you. Rear might have been lower than the front because BP trucks often carry a lot of gear and springs might be tired.


If you decide to change wheels remember that Chevy changed from the old style eight lug pattern to a metric pattern in 2011 trucks. All of the eight lug suburban are the old pattern.