Tip for building compartment doors?


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So I have started my trailer frame build and have everything figured out except how I want to build the compartment doors and the rear hatch. How are you guys building your doors and sealing them for weather. I have some ideas in mind but would love to see some examples.
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I've only done a few but have always bought components, extrusions from a retail cargo trailer shop.

This one, door, jamb, hinges, latch complete was $188. A bargain, it took 4 hours to strip, reframe and install it. And 10 years later it still slams shut.


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PS, this is why I love cheap trailers with screwed on aluminium siding. They disassemble, reassemble effortlessly. This one, I moved the 2' panel from the rear to the front so I could move the signage back behind the door. 10 years later, this trailer has 80K miles on it.

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Man that was hiny 10 years ago
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I built my own 16 years ago. The only way I could get what I wanted, any size. 100% successful.
I have recently started a new expedition truck and will follow the same general plan except I will use a carbon Kevlar/carbon hinge that will be glued into place and avoid the need for the cover strip.
I build using fibreglass/urethane foam sandwich panel and Sikaflex 11FX adhesive, but other materials will work too. I intend to also make my own windows using the same extrusion, Kevlar/carbon hinge and 3mm tinted polycarbonate glazing. And the main door too.
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the most uncoordinated person can make glass/ foam doors .3 steps no BS t are j molding buy and fight .We do blanks about $30.00 US #1 Use the right foam!!!!!! We make a outside skin. Just by wax anything that flat. 1.5oz mat 7 oz woven 1.5 mat . Then take 1'' rmax foam making holes in the foam on an angle more bite. Cut foam the shape of door rounding over top .So glass will lay over. Glue outer skin to foam. On foam to outer skin and a filet at bottom so glass will lay over. . Then just hand lay over foam with wet #1 coat so extra resin can run down holes. 1.5oz mat 7 oz woven 1.5 mat DO NOT USE ANY THING THAT HAS WAX. ! IF stays tacky put in sun are cover with car wax. Where ever we need hard points we use HD PE plastic cut in to blank are hard wood.


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I’ve been looking without luck for doors with side mounted hinges. Any place you know of that has them
Sure, check out Recpro's custom order RV baggage doors, they can be spec'd with hinges on any side. If you want slam latches, those are shown available on their square corner doors. I haven't purchased from them, but have received quotes and specs via email and they were very nice folks.
Challenger door also does full custom and has very good customer service if you call them. They are a top choice for man doors with home built teardrop enthusiasts.