Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?


I have owned and used several different small BBQ's over the years on my adventures.

The Son Of Hibachi has been a good friend to me. It works as a charcoal chimney, self cleans, adjustable height above the coals, plate warming under it, and can even be used as an oven if you are creative. Oh! And it comes with a "snuff out" bag, where you just close it up hot, place in the fiberglass fireproof bag and zip it shut. Pack and leave.



I bought this 2 or so years back after my cheapo wall mart grill finally bit the dust.
It's been super handy so far and seems well built and at $100 its not super expensive.
Its nice because you can use it as a single burner for pans, or use the grill attachment that also comes with a griddle plate one side flat and one side ribbed and you can also use the lid as a wok. It also comes with a bag that is a little on the thin side but has held up ok. I never thought I'd be cooking pizza camping but I use the griddle plate and it works well. Also it is pretty compact when stored. The grill area is about 12 inches so it probably is about 14 inches round and probably 9 or 10 inches thick when in the carry bag.
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Have a Weber Go Anywhere that I picked up for $1 at a garage sale 25 years ago. Had to replace the handles due to dog chewing and the ignitor went out at one point. Weber replaced it for free. The legs needed bending after it endured a roll over while in the back of a truck, but it is still going strong. Good cooker. Highly recommend them.


Well to follow up on this, I ended up keeping my Weber Q100 and getting a 12' hose for the 20# tank. I had to make some room in the camper to store it, but it's worth it!


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I bought the Coleman Fold n Go grill and recently used it on a week+ trip to AZ. I was perfectly happy with the performance. We cooked 5 dinners on it including bratwurst, chicken breast, and steaks; and it all came out great. I also got the griddle for it and was super impressed with how well it did pancakes. In all we cooked 7 meals and did not use up a one pound propane bottle. The carry case they sell for it is pretty nice too.



Sounds like the new version of the Weber Go-Anywhere gas is not good?
For multiple years now I've used a knock-off of the Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill. To make it more space efficient, I replaced the mounting screws for the top-handle with stainless wing-screws, so I can take the handle off during transport. (I've also replaced the side handles with stainless angle brackets and hardwood dowels after a drop/break incident.)

Wish I had a picture.


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To be clear - mine's definitely a knock-off. Weber parts all fit, but it wasn't made by Weber. After replacing broken handles, though, it's working well-enough. All the little fixes that you need for the Go Anywhere (like a baffle/windbreak for the burner intake tube) apply here also.


Looks great. Just wish it had a carry bag option.
As much as I love cooking with wood, sometimes propane is just easier (like when it's raining), and I've found this little BBQ is manufactured to the absolute highest quality, is the smallest gas BBQ I've ever seen, and is generally considered the Rolls Royce of marine BBQ's - which most always translates into something brilliant for Overlanding.
(The Dickinson is far more substantial BBQ than any of the Magma or similar lightweight grills).