Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?


I use a 15" Eco Que, folds flat and works great so far, had it for about a year and a half now.



based on the suggestion from dms1 I picked up one of those ecoque grills but in the 12" size. I've used it twice so far and it works really well. Only needs 9 charcoal briquettes and it cooks hot for a couple hours. Perfect size for 2 people, anymore and you'd probably want the 15" version. Packs down nice and small.


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I am not sure if you only want a gas option but I use the Lodge sportsman grill: https://www.amazon.com/Lodge-L410-Pre-Seasoned-Sportsmans-Charcoal/dp/B00022OK2A

It takes a bit longer but I like that it's pretty versatile too. Most use charcoal but most of the time I use small bits and pieces of campfire wood in this and it works great. Really easy to control the fire with adding a bit here or there. My only negative is it rattles when in the truck so I put a cinch strap on it to try and calm it down. If you have a few moments for a real fire, it's a good durable option.


This is what you want. They are not cheap, come in a variety of sizes and lay outs, and will last longer than you if taken care of. Mine came off a boat and hs been to more places in this world than I'll probably ever go. Works like a charm. dickinsonmarine.com hqdefault.jpg


I have a portable Napoleon PTSS165 stainless steel box grill that works well. They still seem to be available through several online sources. Magma and Weber both make small portable stainless steel grills as well. There are a number of small BBQ's targeted at the sailing crowd which I think would work well for camping. You can attach small propane canisters or use an adapter hose to connect to a larger tank.


I didn't like any of the portable grills available a few years ago so I made my own.

I'm in the processes of downsizing my gear. I have a Weber Q that's always worked great on trips, but boy does it take up some real estate in the back of the Jeep. And it rattles and bangs off road. What's a good tiny grill for burgers and hotdogs? Or maybe I should just stick to food that works on 'ol coleman stove and leave the weber at home?

I found some promising ones. The O grill: http://www.pro-iroda.com/ogrill.htm

This half grill/half stove: Rainier from camp chef: http://www.campchef.com/stoves/mountain-series-stoves/rainier-campers-combo.html
That will allow me to replace both the Weber and my coleman stove with 1 item. Promising....
I didn't like any of the portable grills available for sale. The good ones were bulky and expensive and the cheap ones were, well, cheap. I wanted something lightweight and compact but not flimsy, that had an adjustable grill height, and that could be covered to keep the heat in and the rain out...



Used to get propane BBQ for 20 bucks now well just crazy in cost now. when mine burns out the burner Im going back to charcoal and hibachi.
till they get cheap again...


For me, the simplest choice is the easy choice. A Behren’s 12qt steel pail and a folding 13” bbq grate. total $ 17.78, to your door, via Amazon. The Snow Peak set-up is certainly a beauty, but $300? Good grief, that’s 5 tanks of gas in my rig ...that's a good bit of traveling or a lot of good Rum or a nice dinner with a previously enjoyed companion

The other benefit of the steel pail … you can use it to catch BPA’s tears when someone backs over his pretty Snow Peak setup.