Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?


I picked up one of these folding grills/fire pits in the spring and it has been pretty good. https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Sense-N...d=1471358633&sr=8-8&keywords=folding+fire+pit

I use a coleman 2 burner white fuel stove for most things, an MSR back packing stove for water (ie tea and coffee) and the little folding grill if there's no fire pit. It folds flat which is a packing bonus and works pretty good as a grill (food on the folding grate needs a bit of mindful scooping/flipping) but it works great as a fire pit. A few places we've been don't provide fire pits, and mandate the use of a standing fire pit with a cover. We used the grate as a "cover". It's not too big, or too small. And the price was right. I found mine at the local Dicks Sporting goods for about $15. It's nothing fancy but it works. I also use a larger, sturdier, 18"x30" grill grate if a fire pit is there.

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Snow Peak Pack & Carry. Folds flat and built well. It isn't cheap but does come with a variety of accessories. I have both the small (for solo trips) and the medium. I would recommend it if you don't mind using charcoal or firewood.



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For multiple years now I've used a knock-off of the Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill. To make it more space efficient, I replaced the mounting screws for the top-handle with stainless wing-screws, so I can take the handle off during transport. (I've also replaced the side handles with stainless angle brackets and hardwood dowels after a drop/break incident.)

Wish I had a picture.


My O-grill has worked fine. While big it has a reasonable low profile when packing because it sits vertically.

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As much as I love cooking with wood, sometimes propane is just easier (like when it's raining), and I've found this little BBQ is manufactured to the absolute highest quality, is the smallest gas BBQ I've ever seen, and is generally considered the Rolls Royce of marine BBQ's - which most always translates into something brilliant for Overlanding.
(The Dickinson is far more substantial BBQ than any of the Magma or similar lightweight grills).

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I had a propane house bbq catch on fire a couple of months ago, I had to resort to my charcoal smoker. While tasty, it was painful to use as a primary bbq. I will take propane anyday of the week for just normal bbq. If I was slow smoked ribs then my smoker gets the call.


I second the Cobb Grill. Haven't used one but watched Carl and his wife (extreme mobile adventures) cook some mighty tasty grub on theirs

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best solution ive found to something that doesnt take much room is just bring a grill grate, build a small fire set grate over a couple rocks, done also wood cooked food is better than charcoal or LP imo.

if you dont want to mess with a wood fire i have a propane stick i will use in place of wood fire when having wood fires isnt best. its basically a 3 ft long piece of 3/4" pipe with 1/8" holes drilled in it every 2 inches on opposite sides of eachother 3/4 of the way up and has a 1/4 turn valve on the end that has a quick connect fitting that plugs into my propane tank via a stretchy air hose. ive also shoved that into the bottom of camp site grills instead of messing with charcoal in them when i felt lazy, works great.
we originally made it to get our wood smoker fired up at home but its super handy when camping too for either starting fires or as a fire replacement when its really cold and you dont want to find fire wood lol.


While not super small, nor inexpensive, this is something your grand kids could easily pass down 3 more generations. I have one. It is UBER HD, stores within itself, has a carry handle & can be used when there is a ban on ground fires. It does NOT sit on the ground. It is self contained & can be used on top of a wood picnic table. It is made from 304 Stainless Steel & Made in America.


I purchased mine at the Erie County Fair (which is over now). They have a fair special but only during & at the fair. Got mine for $199+ tax.

I have a 12 Qt dutch oven & if you flip the bottom upside down, it fits nicely on the grate-add some wood chips in a small foil container & you can also smoke with it. I do not work there, nor am i affiliated with/to them in any way. I just appreciate a good HD piece of eqipment that is Made in America.

update: used it for the first time. worked excellent. used cherry wood in a tinfoil pack with holes poked in the top for the smoke & just tossed it on top of charcoal. grilled & smoked 2 chicken breasts w/olive oil & rosemary. Used the bottom of the 12 qt D-oven , upside down to capture smoke. Wife loved it. Not too much smoke, just right. dumped the ashes in the garden the next morning & just hosed it off. Simple & easy. Grate took about 60 sec of scrubbing & done.

Another update: It does get pretty hot under it, when using it on top of a wood picnic table. It did not combust but was very hot under it. For my home, I just bought a big square patio block & set it on that, on top of wood picnic table. I think it would certainly melt a plastic one unless a barrier was used.
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I have a weber q220 for use at home and brought it camping too. Then, I bought an O grill from Costco maybe six years ago and that became my camping grill. If you like the q grill, I think you would like the O grill. It has an enamel cast iron grate like the q and cooks similarly to the q. I think the recall is a non issue now as that was on a batch from years ago. Their customer service was great when I inquired about the recall.
I do have an even smaller grill I bring when the family doesn't come and it's just me and a friend or two. The grill grate is about the size of a sheet of paper. The only downside is it uses butane. But, it has a little metal tab that gets heated and sits under the fuel can to keep it heated just like the iwatani 35fw, if you know what stove that is. It works great and is compact.

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We go between the SP small BBQ box or the Large Fire Pit.

Sure a little $$$ but will last a life time.

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My wife and I just bought the smallest, cheapest propane BBQ we could find at Walmart. I think it was only around 15 bucks, but it's still getting the job done 2 years later. I've been considering getting a nice small stainless steel one and mounting it to my trailer, but this cheapo one hasn't given me a reason to replace it yet. I do like the taste of a wood fire cooked meal, but propane is so fast and convenient, and there are many places we could end up staying in our travels where a wood fire wouldn't be an option at all, but we could still get away with using our small propane BBQ.