Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?

I'm in the processes of downsizing my gear. I have a Weber Q that's always worked great on trips, but boy does it take up some real estate in the back of the Jeep. And it rattles and bangs off road. What's a good tiny grill for burgers and hotdogs? Or maybe I should just stick to food that works on 'ol coleman stove and leave the weber at home?

I found some promising ones. The O grill: http://www.pro-iroda.com/ogrill.htm

This half grill/half stove: Rainier from camp chef: http://www.campchef.com/stoves/mountain-series-stoves/rainier-campers-combo.html
That will allow me to replace both the Weber and my coleman stove with 1 item. Promising....
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Uggg, the rainier has terrible reviews on amazon. I'll keep looking

Oh and the o-grill leaks grease and is made poorly. Consumer reports said they had a recall for regulators catching fire. Jeeez.
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My vote would be for the charbroil Tru-infrared portable bbq. I have a cheap ole 20 dollar walmart one. Toss it in the back and go! I am going to replace it with the charbroil unit soon.
Ooooh.... I think i have a cast iron griddle- smooth on one side, ribbed on the other. I tried to use on top of the weber Q, but it didn't get hot enough for bacon and fried eggs. Maybe on top of the coleman it'll work. I'll see if it fits.
Have you looked at the snow peak folding fire pit and grate? We used one in Colorado over a weekend trip, worked pretty good. Folds up flat, too. Just FYI.


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We just got a Cobb Cooker for $5 at a yard sale. Brand new, still in the plastic. Comes with a carrying case and because of the design it can be used on any kind of surface (the outside does not get hot - you can actually pick it up with your bare hands and move it while it's cooking.)
We used it to make pizza. Works great and uses charcoal which is easier (and safer) to carry than propane or white gas.
I just use a generic grill over the camp fire, propped up and stabilized with rocks. Takes up no space in the Jeep because I carry it in my Trasharoo.

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Jeez. Does nobody use a hibachi anymore? Back in the 1970s the damn things were trendy. Everyone had a hibachi. I still use 'em. Love 'em. Dunno how many I've owned over the years. Usually a buck at a garage sale.

I found one of these a couple years ago in a supermarket for like 12 bux (and that included charcoal). Thought I'd only be able to use it one or two times and have used it probably 12 times since. I'm sure it will last another 10 years or more. It will easily fit a good sized steak, three to four burgers, or a half dozen or more hot dogs. You can store probably a 1/4 of a bag (5 lb.) of charcoal inside. I love it when I'm solo camping. Check the link below if you like.
029 (Medium).JPG

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I bought this while I was in Brazil. It has 4 different cooking attachments.
1. Dome. Has veins in it to move the fat away from the meat
2, a grill as shown
3. a griddle for pancakes
4. Holders for long skewers
Can take more pics if people are interested. Only issue is it is pretty heavy since it cast iron.