Time to rebuild my shocks:

I rolled 50K over on my 2017 4Runner coming back from Arizona last week. It is time (actually long overdue...) to rebuild or upgrade my shocks. 80% of the time we are loaded and running 75 mph down the Interstate. The remaining 20% will see us on Forest Service Roads and the like from Big Bend Ranch State Park to British Columbia (nothing really requiring extra travel length or a change of the UCA's).

I am running Stage 1 Icons with heavy Dobinsons springs on the rear. I have been very pleased with their overall performance and would be interested in bolting on a new set front and back, having the first set rebuilt, and set on the shelf as spares. But, I would also be interested in other options: OME BP-51's or their regular shocks, possibly Dobinsons?

Any experienced recommendations?
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Rebuilding them isn't particularly difficult, the parts are pretty inexpensive to do it as well. You basically need a set of soft jaws for the vise, a pin spanner, and regular wrenches. The only kicker is that you need to discharge and recharge the shocks with nitrogen.


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I am very interested to hear how the Dobinsons compare to the Icons. I'm considering going all out with Icon/Fox/Elka for my 4Runner but there are other ways to spend all that $$$. I spend time on very beat up forestry roads at relatively high speeds, but not jumping whoops in the desert. Let me know how it goes!