TIme For Tuckermans!

Had a killer time 3/9 & 3/10 up at tucks in NH

Totally unexpected weather.

50s, full sun, No wind, soft snow and plenty of good human and dog company.IMG_0159.jpgIMG_0180.jpgIMG_0167.jpgIMG_0171.jpg


Awesome... Last time I did that was about 5 years ago... Oddly enough just before my son was born... Hmmm, coincidence?

I take it since you had ski gear you went to the top of tuckerman's and not all the way up? My bud did a trip all the way up in Feb. and said it was a blast.


Yeah Tucks is sweet

Have been doing a spring trip for the past 5 years.

This is the earliest Ive been & the weather & skiing was the best Ive encountered.

Im always looking for other cool spots.

If you are interested in going & looking for company PM me your info