Time for a change?


It's my daily driver. It's also taken me all over the southwest. Backroads etc into Gunnison and Colorado. I have a van for cross country trips. The one I rarely drive is the 72 Series. I like the idea of just having 2 vehicles, feeling overwhelmed with three plus the bike.
I might sell the Series, buy something new and then sell the 4runner. @DaveInDenver , want to chat? 20181216_093629.jpg

Saint Nick

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100% keep it (y) The $4k you have burning a hole in your back pocket will be more than enough to sort out all of the bits that have "worn out" and still leave enough to re-gear it. Then again, it's not a race car so why the need for speed? Also, why take out finance on something that you'll eventually want to spend even more money on? :unsure:



That 4k would come from selling the 4runner and putting it into another vehicle. Yeah okay, I'll keep it! You'll see us at overland expo probably. Thanks everyone for helping me decide. 20181216_093629.jpg