Timbren Alternatives??


I am wondering if there is a good alternative for the Timbren 3500 HD system. With Timbren being behind 200+ orders, I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas.


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I like my Dexter Torsions, I was originally looking at a Timbren Silent Ride for an upgrade from a tandem leaf spring.. but I ended up getting a trailer fitted w/dexters and they been great.

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I will have to do research on the Dexter System. I want to replace the axel on my M101a2. I will have to see what will fit under there with 33" tires on 17 " rims. Was planning to just use my factory Jeep rims for now. I have seen a few Timbren swaps on these trailers but not the dexter.
The Cruisemaster is pretty awesome, just a lot more that I want to spend.


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Not going to lie......the amount of options are a little overwhelming. I guess I have some studying and measuring to do. ha
Actually I found bigger tires meant less angle. For about 16 to 18 ground clearance with 31 10.5 r15 I want a zero axle angle. Remember zero angle will have the hub in the center of the tire, then the mount is 2 or 3 inches higher, so half a r15 rim is 15.5 then add the 2 to 3 inches.


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Hey guys, just wanted to chime in on the wait time issue. Yes, there is a wait time because of higher than usual volume. However, it’s only 3-4 weeks.

Recommended books for Overlanding


Hey guys, just wanted to chime in on the wait time issue. Yes, there is a wait time because of higher than usual volume. However, it’s only 3-4 weeks.
If that is the case then I stand corrected, but I was told Late October to Early November. If it is 3-4 Weeks I will order today.


It is with GREAT care that I choose my words carefully as the frustration from he last few weeks begins to take over my ability to be reasonable.

I spoke with Timbren personally several times trying to figure out when and what to get to make my trailer road worthy. I have tried to be patient since ordering the #3500HD axels, but that has worn thin. The 3-4 weeks seems to be the general answer, but seems to not be holding true.
- I went through a distributor they recommend
- they were informed at the time it was 3-4 weeks
- they are now telling me that their P.O. has been pushed back and they have been informed it is now the middle of December before these axels can be expected.
- the distributor informed me that they have been waiting since May for these and other Timbren products.
- I wanted to order Hubs/breaks also for the trailer but was told since they are the HD I cannot get the bolt pattern to fit my jeep. (5x5) No big deal, I will switch to the 6x5 since I have access to rims from a Taco....but these are unavailable also

This led me too checking with the Dexter brand. When I was able to get through to them, they passed me around from extension to extension, only to finally land me with a nice lady that told me they had nobody on staff to answer technical support questions, but if I wanted to contacted her with an email she would see if she could get the answers.

At this point you may see a Mint Condition Military M101a2 Trailer Box on Craigslist soon......🤣. I can't handle the stress🤬