Timber-Framed Truck Rack


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Nice woodwork but it looks heavy. It's like a fancy version of what all of us broke river rats used to do in the '80s to carry our boats.


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Looks phenomenal!

A few years ago I had just come through Steele Pass in Death Valley and met an older couple in a 2nd gen Tacoma. They had a wooden, cabover camper in the bed, which the guy built himself. Looked as well built and as smooth as any artisan-made wooden boat. No doubt heavy, but a beautiful thing to see and done with a heck of a lot of skill.

Was it this one?B97561F8-24BA-4534-9E40-B60381EE70AC.jpeg


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I too saw a homemade camper on a taco, in Grand Teton Park. Looked a lot rougher than that, I was jealous though since I was dragging a 30' TT everywhere.