Tilting fridge slide for National Luna 90L


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Hello everyone,
I’d like to install a tilting or drop down fridge slide for my National Luna 90L fridge. I would be mounting the slide to my Decked drawers in the back of my Tundra (in my camper shell). Does anyone have any slide recommendations? I was seriously considering the Alucab but it would not arrive until mid-September and I was hoping to use it for a camping trip Labor Day weekend. I have also looked at the Dunn & Watson but I’m not familiar with the brand. They are on Amazon and it appears that I can get it here in a little over a week. I’m also open to other options.
thank you,


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May want to try contacting Paul at Equipt Expedition Outfitters. He sells a lot of NL fridges and may have a line on tilt down slides that will work for your set up.


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
I looked at their website and did not see anything in stock but I will give him a shout. Paul’s a great guy, that’s who I got the fridge from (and several other pieces of gear).

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