Tiger Malayan 2013 4x4 - $98,000 in Salt Lake City

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It looks like the same one, except the refrigerator door is different. Wood on the EXPO posting and SST on the Craigslist posting. If I get up to SLC, I will check it out. It could be people (like the guy I saw driving an Earthroamer LTi who was camping at a state park campground) never used it for what it was built for.

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This is a really cool rig, but hard to believe it's had 3 owners and only been driven 3k miles since January 2018. Who knows why, but I guess it's fairly small by typical RV standards, and maybe people that have $100k to spend on a rig find out they like the idea of going far off-road more than the actual act of going far off-road.
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This is just about a mile down the street from where I live. I've regularly seen similar rigs parked in the driveway over the past few years. He used to have a couple older expedition vans out front. Not sure if he's trying to flip them or what. Or maybe just cycling through a bunch of similar vehicles trying to find just the right thing.

Recommended books for Overlanding