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I thought that I would own this tiger for much longer but, it seems the Mrs. and I can not come to terms that sees me use this vehicle for the purpose that I bought and built it. A trip to Central and South America.

I just can't seem to interest her in it at all and she doesn't want me to go either. This is the reason that I am going to offer the tiger up for sale. I would hope that someone could use it for the purpose that I built it, and do the trip. I am going to offer it for 29,000 or best offer. I have more than that in it now, but I have used it and enjoyed it and could consider it maintenance and rent (I have to tell that to myself).

With my reason for selling it aside, The vehicle is in fantastic shape. when I first bought it, I had to put it through a rigorous vehicle inspection and I fixed every item found. It routinely gets many compliments from interested parties, which I appreciate due to the fact that I have a lot of work into it. I would drive this vehicle anywhere, right as it sits today.

This Tiger is a 1995 Dodge 4x4 automatic with a 12 v Cummins it has 136,000 miles on it. It is currently registered in B.C. The overall length is just under 22 ft and it weighs 9,800 lbs full of fuel and gear.

recent repairs and upgrades include:

-tire rod ends
-track bar
-complete front brakes, with rotors, calipers and pads.
-new heavy coil springs for a modest 2.5" lift and to carry the heavy front bumper and winch
-new rear leaf shackle and the addition of two more leafs to help with the load of my gear and tools and lift it to match the front
-all new fox 2.0 shocks
-5 new duratracs and heavy duty aluminum rims
-a one off rear bumper with swing out rear tire carrier, complete with additional back up lights and recovery shackles. I think that it is very heavy duty and well made.
- a modified ARB bumper
- a warn m- 15,000 pound winch
- two hella driving lights
- a new pioneer cd player with usb inputs and new speakers
- a new Sirius radio.

Everything works on the unit, A/C blows ice cold and I have recently made several trips. This vehicle has the 12v Cummins engine and I have to say it is really great on fuel. It easily cruises at 70mph on the highway.

I would entertain the idea of trades.

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What year? How many miles? Any interior shots. What is the overall length? Where is it titled?




Hello Mike,

Thanks I'll edit the original post, but to answer quick it is a 95 with 136k and is registered in B.C.



Is there a rear frame mounted hitch? does it still have the same tow ratings as a stock 95 xcab 2500?


Sale pending on the Tiger.

Mp- I guess it would be, but you would have to factor the total weight of the vehicle.



Wow, that was quick! Good luck on the completion...

I've never really looked at trucks but this thing is just awesome! If you are in or near Vancouver I'd love to stop by for a look, even if it's spoken for... PM me if possible!

Mr. D


Thanks for that Suntinez, it was very hard for me to come to that decision. I did not want to sell it.

I hope to see pictures of it in central and south America when it goes!



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Nice job on your truck. I want to go to Central America too ... still need the wife's support. I'd consider a trade for my rig if your sale falls through.


ExpoWill, thanks, I sure hope he does.

Advo, I hope that you have better luck with your wife than I had with mine, I think that it is an awesome trip to do.



I was just out in the tiger over the long week end and it made me want to give it a bump. It's really a great truck for a couple and two small kids, and even better for just a couple. The truck handled a deactivated, steep, old logging road with ease, good traction and lots of torque. I put some pics in the "Canada chapter"