Tiger Bengal

Interesting. Why is the chassis 2013 but the bengal is 2010? Does that mean the bengal was taken off an older unit and put on this one?
Nevermind, I read a bit further. Doesnt sound too awesome to be honest... sounds kind of sketchy.


Why a 2010 tiger on a 2013 regular body chassis?
The transfer was done professionally by the previous owner to
accomplish the following:
- Shorter wheel base than the extended cab for greater
maneuverability. Can easily get through tight spaces in town,
parking lots, gas stations, or on the back roads. Easy to park
in a regular spot or on a Forest Service road.
- Lighter weight; better gas mileage.
- More compact area to climate control; A/C or heat.
- Maintains front console, which is lost in the extended

This is a used vehicle. It has the customary blemishes and dings.
Well, you would want to check with provan if they were involved in the cabin swap. It doesn't make alot of sense to go through the swap just for the sake of maneuverability.
Sounds sketchy because taking off a tiger and putting it on a new chassis is a LOT of work. Provan does a lot of work to the chassis before they install it, including I believe welding numerous crossmembers to the frame. Also, cutting the hole in the cab and stuff is not easy to do. I agree with maxbergi doing this just for manuerability is a bit weird. Also, this particular one seems to be missing the awning... but the awning brackets are still there. Meh.

I am ALWAYS suspicious of ebay sales, as ANYONE should be. No one and I mean no one ever sells on ebay unless they have to. If something shows really well in person, it will attract a local buyer. Ebay is a cess pool and they charge high fees to sell something. Usually the reason stuff ends up on ebay is because there is either something wrong with it or it just doesnt show well. Just my experience.


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Also the thruway from cab to camper is extremely small......makes me wonder. If Provan did work I bet you can call them to see whats up.
Like I said... anything on ebay usually is there for a reason. Use common sense - no one in their right mind would swap a tiger onto a different chassis - they would just sell it and buy one they wanted.