Three months in the NW with 2 dogs and a cat in a van


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Thanks for posting your travels. Hope to follow in your tire tracks someday. Would like to go in a van, and I'm starting to think I don't really need 4wd to do it. We locally camp with 2 cats. It's great when they act like dogs, letting them get back to nature too. Thanks again!


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Love your pups and pictures. I couldnt do it though. My thread title would read something like "Three months in the NW with 2 dogs and a ca...Two dogs in a van" My Weimaraner isn't exactly a cat lover, except maybe as a chew toy. :)


It's pretty heartwarming to go for walks with all three...right now we're at abusy marina with the doors open and all just lying around and watching. It's a good day!


Thanks Sleam for all your posts. I've been reading, getting ready to start the Divide Route myself with my two dogs, Gracie and ChiChi. I'm so excited, we will do a lot of the same roads you were on. I've made note where you have camped. Hope we run into you one of these days! We would be good friends, I can tell!

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Sleam...talked with you a little at the NW Rally one evening at your campsite. Was nice meeting you and hope everything works out with your rig.


Click and clack. Crunch. Squeak. Clunk. Repeat. But only sometimes! Mechanic number four thinks it's the rear ujoint. At least im at Long Beach WA! The best waiting room ever😂