Three Days in Red Rock Country


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My family spent Easter in Moab and the surrounding area. I have been going to EJS for 16 consecutive years. Even though I no longer own a Jeep it is not stopping me from enjoying red rock country. We spent our first afternoon enjoying parts of Islands in the Sky District of Canyonlands (Landscape Arch and Grand Viewpoint). We were excited to look out in to the Maze district because we were there in April. On Friday (day two) we drove the Elephant Hill trail into the Needles District of Canyonlands (220 miles round trip from our campsite). Now my truck has performed the Canyonlands trifecta, The Maze, The White Rim Trail (Islands in the Sky), and Elephant Hill (Needles District). We went to Needles to see both the mesa that is Grand View Point, to look at the Maze, and the Confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. On Saturday (day three) we traveled east along the Colorado River to the Fisher Towers trail (Thanks Intrepid XJ for the inspiration) and hiked in the rain. We loved the water falls, but had to seek shelter. The rain caused rocks to dislodge and fall. I put our pictures and video clips together for your viewing pleasure. It is a longer video so pop some corn, grab a drink, and enjoy.
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We were down there too...Great weather. Looks like your Tundra had no difficulty! Looks like your family had a blast. Thanks for the video!