(Three) C4500/5500 Kodiaks, 4x4, Diesel, Allison (Trucktrader) $10-20k, NY, CO, FL


Kodiak Wrangler
Good price on a single cab flatbed with reasonable (normal) miles, 2007 $16,900 NY

High miles, but the cheapest I have seen a 4x4 Kodiak. Box and liftgate, 2007, $10,000 CO

So if they will 'match your down payment, if you put $5,000 down and they match, a $5k truck? Or if you put $7k down will they match the $7k, so you get a $4k rebate, hence a truck for $3K :oops:
If so, I'm off to Colorado. . .

Good price on a doublecab with reasonable (normal) miles, 2006, $20,000 FL

Disclaimer - no relation to sellers or vehicles (opinions-YMMV)
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I was told the one if FL was sold when I called last week. But I could be getting all the ones Im looking at incorrectly. Their sites are delayed to get updated but still gens leads so that is probably why.