Thoughts on 2005 Ford F-150 FX4


I have a good friend that is looking to trade his FX4 in for a new truck. We have talked about me buying it from him, for basically what he is offered trade value (as long as it is valued around what we think it will be).

I currently drive a 2006 Dodge Ram 2wd 1/2 ton with 135,xxx miles on it, and several small problems. Engine/transmission seem to be OK.

His truck has 55,xxx miles on it and is great shape except for a couple of cosmetics dings.

My thinking is that I can buy his, sell mine, and pay the difference in cash. Gets me a truck that theoretically could last much longer, is nicer, without getting a loan and having payments for 3 or 4 years.

Anything against the FX4? Am I missing anything?

He is at a dealership right now negotiating on a new truck, I will probably have to make a decision in the next day or so. Im leaning very strongly to doing it, just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Any "experts" have .02 to give on the subject?

PS. My primary use for this truck is daily driver with weekend warrior stuff on the weekends (fishing, house duties, hunting, etc). No extreme offroading, but the occasional rough road at my parents ranch. And hopefully pulling a popup or small travel trailer in the next year.

Thanks in advance.


You may have to do a cam phaser or two in time, those years were notorious for it. And wheel bearings. But otherwise quite solid. If the price is right, it will likely serve you well.


trade-in value

Keep in mind that "trade value" is really a function of how bad the dealer wants to sell truck on his lot, i.e discount the sales price. Your friend's trade-in has an intrinsic or "actual cash value" ("ACV") and that is what the dealer thinks the trade-in truck is actually worth. The dealer may show more trade value than the ACV if that is what is needed to sell the truck.

For example if the MSRP on the new truck is 50k and if bottom line on the new truck is 40k and the ACV on the trade is 10k, the dealer could show the sales prices as 40k and the trade as 10k or he could show a sales price on the new truck is 50k and that the trade is worth 20k. The dealer will determine which is more important to the buyer, trade value or sales price. The dealer will then negotiate the deal to tailor to the buyer's concerns, but the bottom line is a 30k difference.

Unless the dealer will tell you what ACV is on the trade, you would be better off to determine a fair price based on a NADA, KBB or similar guides, or based on what similar trucks are selling for in your local market.

I had a 2004 new body style for 60k trouble free miles. Nothing major inherently wrong with the trucks in my opinion. I would add the ford limited slip additive to the limited slips in that era of truck made an irritating noise without out. COP's can be a pain as they stop working intermittently and are difficult to diagnose. Plugs also get stuck and break in the era of truck.
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I have heard about the plugs problem. I will have to ask but I think he has already had them replaced, at 50k.

I am looking at 14k for the truck. Hoping for 10k for mine, with a cash payment of 4k to be out of the loan.