This truck is unbelievable good


I don't think the batwing awning will work. The rear hatch sticks up 12-14 inches above roofline when open
The rear hatch and the rotary shift knob were the only two things I didn't like about my D5. The TDV6 was outstanding and it was a great road car. I easily drove up a steep rutted hill that defeated an old Series II 109. My thinking is hatches belong on minivans not SUVs. If they had fitted a split tailgate to the D5 I think it would have been a lot more popular.


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Thanks for the replies. New (to me) D5 arrives this weekend. I'll be out of state but once back I'll swap over the FR rack and do a trial fit with the batwing.

Fully anticipate a square or 180 awning on the horizon