This is a stupid question about pants


I will be getting my first ADV motorcycle in a couple months (2005 BMW Dakar), and I have a really stupid question about MC pants.

Are they typically worn alone as your only leg covering, or are they more of an overall design and they go on top of jeans?


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I run my TourMasters over my jeans. I run my KLIM with just some athletic shorts.. Some pants are called "Overpants" in the description I think.

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never feel bad asking a "stupid" question, its always better than pretending to know the answer and being wrong!


First, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Personally, I wear a light pair of workout pants underneath as I don't like the textile against my skin due to breathability issues and sweating. It would work with light thermals as well. That said, I know some folks who don't care and wear shorts under their riding pants. Just depends on the material and the rider.