Third times the charm. 1997 Fzj80 overland build.


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Welcome to CO! Looks like you are getting out and enjoying the amazing area. We've been meaning to hit up one of the Rising Sun meetings also. We are in the Boulder and Golden area quite often, keep an eye out for us.



Sweet 100! It looks very familiar. Ive been on the hunt for more cruiser peeps to go wheeling with. Ill shoot you a pm with my contact info!


I guess while Im back in Atlanta and I have a little break from school, I might as well get caught up on this thread.

I picked up an ARB CKMA12 with pump up kit from Amory over at Slee in late September. Finally got around to finishing up the install and tucking/shortening all the wiring sometime in October. Finding a place to fit this thing other than the passenger fender tub (planning on running a dual battery setup in the future) was a total P.I.T.A. Man this thing is slow, but having on-board air is so nice.

I did EBC green stuff 7000 pads and new Brembo rotors up front not too long ago.

My lady got me Weather Tech floor mats for my Birthday :sombrero:

I attempted to replace my Fhh's with the Samco sport hoses and constant tq. clamps available on andddddddd this happend...

Not to worry, Stevinson had a new heater control valve in stock (hot water valve as they called it). $129 dollars later, the job was done.

If you live in CO and have never visted Stevinson Toyota, your missin out. Coolest dealership I have ever set foot in. This is the entrance to the parts department.

All I have left for base lining at the moment is:
Install my new radiator
Replace OME two degree bushings with stock/install caster plates

Thennnn I'm hoping to get on with the fun stuff.


Jesus, It's been awhile. The thread is not dead, my 80 has just killed me financially in the past few months and despite the tons of time/effort/money invested into it rigorously base-lining, the rig has deteriorated quite a bit. It's been in time-out for almost two months, leaving me with nothing to drive as my Subaru was down for most of this time as well. Lots of walking, dedication and a small fortune later, I am pleased to report my rig is once again road worthy. I have some pretty big plans for this summer should finances permit. Stay tuned, I will update as soon as I'm back in Colorado with my rig!


Welp, Ive neglected this thread to say the least. The cruiser is at the body shop for a little rust repair. So excited to get it back Friday. In the meantime I figured I would upload some photos from last months Moab trip, a few random camping trips in CO and some wheeling.

We arrived in Moab Thursday night around 3:30 in the morning. We camped along the main highway in an RV park. The next morning we set out to find a new spot and lucked out finding a place along the Colorado River.

That afternoon we hit Kane's Creek. Got about 3.5 to 4 miles down only to find the trail was to narrow for the cruiser. The wrangler behind us couldn't squeeze through the spot we turned around on either and ended up following us back to the trail head. The older couple in the wrangler had nothing but compliments on the cruiser. This obviously made me happy lol.

A few from Fins. Really wish I took more photos and videos, the Cruiser killed it.

Album cover for the groups new mixtape :campfire: (Kidding lol)

Quick photo from our hike up to the Arches. Of course my Iphone died before we reached the top...

Moab was an absolute blast. I cannot wait to make another trip out there.

A buddy was in town, so we took him for a quick camping trip up Sugarloaf mountain. (Switzerland Trail)

Found another trail too small for the LC, so of course the natural thing to do is find something to leave your mark on. Or at least pose for scene points.

Solo session on Bunce School

Had to rescue my buddies 13' Taco. We went wheeling on this local trail the night before and a freak snow storm made him decided to leave his truck on the trail over night.

Had to drive through a two to three foot deep water crossing backwards just to hook up to his truck. I need a winch I know.

After airing up, the only thing that seemed reasonable to do next was a burnout.

I really should get better about taking photos. Forgive the mix of Cell phone and Go Pro photos. Ill be investing in a DSLR soon enough. Ill update with all my recent-ish basling, mods and the finished product of the rust repair later this week!
Great picks and awesome rig! Can't wait to see where you take her next and where your build goes.


Hey man in the beginning of the thread you said you had 285's but they look like 315's to me. Can you clarify the tire size? Glad you got the rig running again!


I noticed you aren't using the fuse cover next to the steering wheel, most likely because you have a Bluetooth OBDII scanner. Just wanted to let you know that the OBDII connecter is held in by two screws. Remove the screws, and you can push the connector back further and then you can put the fuse block cover back on.


Word of advice, ditch the caster bushings for a set of caster plates. The 80 will track and drive much better. Having done both, the plates are well worth the investment.

Nice looking 80, good to see it being used, one of my favorite colors.


jwilliams - Thanks for the input! Never thought of that, Ill have to give that a shot.

ExpoGeorgia - 285/75r16 MTR's, they are relatively big for a 33, or at least appear to be. Side note, I'm staying in Marietta till Sunday, where are you located in GA?

Westy - Caster plates have been on my list for far too long, They are a must before Cruise Moab, depending on if finances, my business and school schedule allow me to go.

Sorry for the neglect to this thread, the 80 has seen plenty of action while I've been home, spent a good bit of time in GA for work hence the lack of updates. Anyway, another trip to Moab, small maintenance updates to be posted, and ideally another Moab trip, some real mods, and a trip to Alaska this summer are in the cards.

Fun fact, in 10 months of ownership, roughly 7.5 of the truck actually being driven, I've racked up almost 28xxx miles on my rig :)
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jwilliams - Thanks for the input! Never thought of that, Ill have to give that a shot.

ExpoGeorgia - 285/75r16 MTR's, they are relatively big for a 33, or at least appear to be. Side note, I'm staying in Marietta till Sunday, where are you located in GA?
I was home for a month on leave, just got back to Japan yesterday but I'm from Fayette Co. I took her out just about everyday and did a road trip down to Florida for a trip to the beach. Add me on fb (Stefon Combs) and maybe we can get together next year if we're in Ga around the same time. 12888589_1557064117919791_5030205255446491609_o.jpg



Welcome to Colorado! I live down in Pueblo West and have 3 Cruisers. I'm always down for adventure so hit me up some time!

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