These miles cant be right


There can be many reasons for low mileage. When I was in the military, there were times I could not drive my vehicles for months at a time. Once I was stationed overseas for a year and left my truck in the states in storage.


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The previous owner of my Taco only drove about 6k miles per year, so it's plausible for a 4 year old truck to have around 20k if it's left there by snow birds or something.


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[I’m in Arizona too, FWIW, maybe we just drive less even though we have some of the cheapest gas in the west]

I bought a nice new chevy Z71 4WD 1/2 ton pickup for work in ‘07, sold it in @ ‘13, had only 19k miles on it. It was our third vehicle at the time for just the two of us.

I’ll probably be selling my ‘03 Chevy K2500 HD this’s 15 years old and has only about 89k miles on it right now. My wife traded in her 17 year old ‘01 Suby last winter and it had only 72k miles on it!
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I just turned 20k on my '16 JKU... it'll be three years old in Feb. It'd only have 16k on it had I not used it to take my elderly mother to a slew of doctor's appointments on 100 mile round trips this past year.