TheAdventurousMind - 2008 Tundra DC Build & Trips

Current Status
2008 Tundra DC Limited 4x4


Front Suspension
Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
King 2.5 Remote Resi Coilovers
Wheelers Super Bumps

Rear Suspension
King 2.5 Remote Resi
(Pending Install) Icon RXT Leaf Springs
(Pending Install) Wheelers Super Bumps

Wheels Tires
Icon 17" Six Speed
Goodyear Duratrac 315/70/17

RCI Front Engine Skid Plate
RCI Fuel Tank Skid Plate
Demello Offroad Hybrid Sliders

Koyo Aluminum Radiator
S&B Filters Air Intake

X2 Power 27F Main Battery

ARE DCU Topper
60% Seat Delete for Dog Platform
Rhino Rack HD Crossbar and RTV rail
The day I bought it. Crappy Firestone Mud Terrains and a spacer lift. It also came with a good amount of rust that I found out about later. Ugh!


I then replaced the tires with Falken AT3Ws. I really liked these tires and will go back.


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Front suspension install. I ended up replacing the Lower Arms since I had to cut out the driver side due to rust issues and seized bolts.


As I did a water pump swap on it (Bought with 154k miles), as it leaked, I went through and replaced all the hoses and ended up swapping to a Koyo Radiator. As I removed the radiator, I found out that my old one was cracked as well.

I also swapped out the open box K&N Filter that came with the truck with a closed box S&B Filter. Now I just have to diagnose a vacuum leak tripping the P0171 and P0174 codes.

Added Demello Sliders, RCI Front and Fuel Tank Skid. Also got a great deal on some Icon SIx Speed Wheels. I ended up going with some Goodyear Duratrac 315/70/17 that I found on Craigslist as well. I wanted to try them as I loved the Falkens but couldnt use them on the 17s. I will probably switch back to Falkens. Also installed the Rock Warrior grille and got rid of all the chrome trim from the Limited.


Removed the 60% Rear Seat and made a quick dog platform for the Huskies. One gets car sick and slipping around on leather seats was NOT helping.

Just got my ARE DCU Installed. I went with their 4x4 Reinforcement option which added some more gusset plates.

This is now my quarantine project. First step is starting my drawers for the back. I plan to go with an RTT as well. I want to insulate and carpet the topper, and will use it if its just me and the pups. But will use a tent when I bring my son along.



Joined the X2 Power Club. I will still be doing a second house battery in the back that will keep my fridge and general lighting going. My current thoughts are, if I want to run a winch, I can just pull it from my starter battery and not worry too much. Then I can go with a cheaper Deep Cycle AGM in the back (Thinking Universal Battery brand?) and not have any major amp draw on it. Id hate wiring running from to back, so anything that I will use while running (Winch/Bumper Lights) I will run off the X2, and anything sitting at camp related (Camper lights/fridge/etc) will run off the back. Still unsure on this, but thats the current plan and I am sure its safe to do with the X2.

Added a Rhino Rack to the Topper. Their RTV Track and 54" HD Cross Bars. The cross bars are located over the intersections of the framing below, assuming this will be the best to bear weight of a RTT, since I will be going that route as well as a camper build out. Also, added a black bumper since mine was dented from previous owner. $88 on eBay, and I think it looks a lot better. While I had the bumper off, I painted the white strip under my rear doors with some leftover gray Steel-It that I had. The white strip really bothered me





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