The XT350 overland build.

I just sold my overland sidecar rig and bought a 1990 XT350 to build into a RTW/Overland bike.
I pick it up tomorrow and will document the build as I go.
Here is a list of planed mods .
4 gal fuel tank
1.5 gallon Kolpin
Rebuilt forks with new springs
New rear spring
Rear rack
Alum or Seahorse panniers
520 chain conversion
Hand guards
Wide pegs
Seat Concepts seat kit
DOT knobbies

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I had an '87 for 16 years. Buy new intake manifolds for it. You'll see what I mean why. That is the only inherantly thing wrong with them, stone reliable.
I'm looking forward to this, too. I have an '86 XT 350, and it's been in our family since, about 1994, i think. It's been incredibly reliable for what I've put it though. I used to ride it 40 highway miles to my buddies supercross track, "race" it around all day, jumping the 70-foot doubles and hammering it outright - and then ride it home again. Never ever let me down. I've never run anything but SAE30 oil in it and 87 octane, and it has 25,000 miles on it with no rebuilds - my dad bought it with just over a 1,000 miles on it. There's a picture of me somewhere doing a 4th gear wheelie in front of the tech school I was attending back in 2001. Wish I could find it. Good times. You'll have fun with yours, for sure.

Took the weekend off from the build , it was a toasty 19 degrees in the workshop.
I did recieve my TUSK aluminum panniers and a spare rear shock because I lost the wire clip from mine.

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It was traded off about 6 months after it was done.
It was good for dirt roads but lack of power when fully loaded on fast pavement proved to be it’s downfall.
If I was truly off-road 90% of the time it would have stayed with me but I have 50+ miles of interstate to get to any dirt.

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