The world of fuses has become pretty complicated


I thought I would get a spare fuse kit for my new F350, but the world of fuses has become pretty complicated, with mini, maxi, micro2, micro3, J-case, J-case Low Profile and M-case. Can anyone suggest a kit that includes the combination that I might need? Possibly Amazon or maybe Ford?


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Same thing with my Sub, two different strains and then I added a BlueSea fuse block in the rear power addition. Add in some relays etc and the collection of 'spares' grows pretty quickly.

Pretty easy to get a small multi-partition fishing lure container and make your own. Such containers also make great battery organizers too.

Real trick is finding fuses at a reasonable cost, especially in limited quantities. I was making enough trips to an auto wrecking yard looking for parts for other vehicles that I harvested a bunch that way.