The White Wolf - Patrol 2.8TD Y60


The White wolf and the beauty of Ponor Shire.

Fundatura Ponorului (Ponor Shire) - Hunedoara Country - deep in heart of Transylvania - Romania. A place also called “The spank of God”.
Three days and three nights standing and sleeping outside under the free sky and falling stars, enjoying of every breath of freedom and beautiful.

The arrival (winter is still tough in here)

Installing the base camp in Ponor Shire.

The Gate of Heaven…

The beauty of Ponor Shire.

The frozen lake, mirror for the sky.

The sunset and our hotel under a million stars.

Hunger and snow and cold, but fun :)

After a good sleep at -11gC / 12gF unde the free sky, we start all over again.

The magic of winter nights in Ponor Shire.

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Expedition Leader
Beautiful photos as always,

are those ice fishing hurts that are on the lake? Or are they just next to it, hard to tell in some of the pictures


There is no lake, just a thin layer of frozen water. Is just a tiny river, you can clearly see it on last picture, and ice around it comes from overflowing or drained from the hills. Those huts, are not... hut. It is just dry grass from autumn for animals food in winter. In the middle is a stick (the only architectural piece) surrounded by grass.
So, you can run on ice as you wish. If ice breaks you sink till your knees, and if ice breaks over the river you'll sink till your middle. Something like that:

This time our friend was lucky because his Nikon camera survived :)

Intents Offroad

New member
That is one beautiful Patrol dude! I've got a later model GU patrol Y61 with the 2.8TD in it. Not a bad little motor! Love all your non-patrol pics here too!


Searching and discovering new tracks together with my friends... or in other words... a different way to see the moon :)

Navigating with roadbook... Patrol inside view :)


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